Five things to do to improve business efficiency


You want your company to be as efficient as possible. So while you may have spent time focusing on certain areas of your business, it may be that you’ve unintentionally ignored others that may be costing you money. What can you do to improve all sectors of your brand?

There are some tasks that can affect just a small aspect of your business, while others can make a big impact across all departments. Consider where you think there’s room for improvement, and how these suggestions may work for you and your team:

Have seamless communication

Miscommunication, or lack of communication, is a major cause of inefficiency in many organizations. Yet using streamlined communication can solve these common issues, and communication is easier than it has ever been because of the technologies now available. Think about arranging meetings: although it can be challenging to schedule these or find time when everyone is available, video conferencing means you can talk to attendees wherever they are.

Use automation

Technology affects businesses, especially when using corporate technology to streamline processes. Yet this doesn’t mean that you will replace any of your employees with software by using automation.

Automation of monotonous activities can lead to your employees saving time, which they can then use to focus on core activities. Other software can help you with tasks such as monitoring daily processes, sending receipts to suppliers, and transferring payments to employees.

Conduct an audit

If you’ve implemented green business practices, for instance, and you don’t know if they’ve made a difference, then conducting an energy audit can help. This can show where you’re using the most energy, and you can be shown where you can reduce this so you can identify changes for your business.

Make recycling easier

Having effective recycling in your office isn’t just about having blue bins in each room. It may be that some people don’t use them because they don’t know what can be put in them so having separate bins for plastic and paper can help. You can also use signs above bins, with details of what can be recycled or trashed.

When recycling items, you can bale them together using wire from This means you can package objects such as cardboard and plastic during the baling process, and they will stay compact and safe at all times.


You may wish to outsource any non-critical business processes so you can save your time and resources. You can outsource either a set of tasks or processes, or even a specific business function.

If you’re starting this, then the steps or processes that you outsource shouldn’t be business-critical to your brand. These can be tasks that may take a lot of time to complete, but may not require certain expertise or knowledge, so could include:

  • Gathering lead contacts online
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Administration work

This can be done by virtual assistants (VAs), so your full-time staff can focus on other work. You can find VAs through either agencies or outsourcing job boards.


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