ESET Tips for Less Scary Halloween


Its a foreign custom Halloween in recent years it has also become a trend in Greece, counting more and more thematic events or parties organized for 31 October night, as well as online product offerings. Halloween».

As in any other festive season, cybercriminals tend to exploit mainly unsuspecting children, with on-line scams and scams on social half. Not to make Halloween really scary for its small users InternetThe ESET gives five basic safety tips to parents.

  1. Beware of subscriptions to website and forum.The kids flock to game sites and on social sites and forums, where, of course, registration is required. Here parents have a dual role. First, help kids set up accounts with strong and unique passwords, and then teach them to be careful about where to put these credentials, talking to them about the dangers of phishing emails. This training will help them in particular, as they are more likely to face phishing attacks later in life, especially if they are sites of toys and in social half.

  1. Download applications with reservation. Currently mobile apps are popping up with themes or features about it Halloween. Even though they are not completely malicious, many of them, especially those aimed at children, are associated with activities such as surveillance and behavioral advertising. If something as simple as a game or educational application needs access to messages, calls and / or location information, parents should suspect. Downloading applications only from official stores, researching what kind of licenses a particular application requires, will ensure that children are protected from collecting their personal information.

  1. Is it really free? Advertisements for free Halloween games and ringtones, especially if offered for free, may be hidden malware. It is common for children to click on a malicious ad and, without wanting it, infect their computers or smartphones. Reliable security software that has many levels of protection and receives frequent automatic updates is an easy and effective way to protect parents and children and their families from such traps.

  1. Proper use of social media. That’s it Halloween gives strong presence on social media platforms, which makes them extremely unsafe for children’s safety. Parents must constantly remind their children of the need to apply strict privacy, not to exchange private information, to stay away from strangers and to remember that everything they do online leaves a digital footprint.

  1. ΕGet inwe are after verifyingwe. Often, children are extremely adept at hiding their online activities. This is where parental control tools, which keep track of small users and prevent them from wandering around the Internet uncontrollably, can help. Integrated security software has such tools, but all major operating systems, both computer and mobile, allow for some level of parental control nowadays.

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