Developers embed backdoor into apps!


On the occasion of the recent attack hacking which was accepted by its billionaire owner Amazon, Jeff Bezos, through the WhatsApp application, the Telegram CEO, Pavel Durov, said that WhatsApp application hides many risks.

Durov noted the hacking attack on his smartphone Jeff Bezos it wasn’t due to an Apple security error, but to application of WhatsApp. Wanting to speak more specifically, Durov said his vice president Facebook accused her Apple for hacking Bezos. According to Durov, however, the WhatsApp application was responsible for the hacking. He even justified his view by saying that the “corrupt” error video “WhatsApp didn’t just exist in iOS, but also to Android and Windows Phone. Therefore, it appeared in mobile phones which had WhatsApp installed.telegram vs whatsapp

Durov also added that this security error did not exist in other messaging applications installed on iOS. He emphasized that technology of End-to-End encryption WhatsApp application cannot guarantee its complete security confidentiality. She also said that End-to-End encryption can prove useless in the case of others characteristics the application is not secure. This is primarily due to the fact that the backups app conversations are not encrypted when stored in a third-party cloud servers. Second, Durov claims that organizations are obliged to do so developers applications to incorporate hidden bugs into their applications. This was also suggested by Telegram, without however accepting the proposal, thus banning it in countries where WhatsApp does not handle problems with the authorities, such as in Russia and the Iran, which raises question marks.

Finally, he indicated that in 2019 12 security issues were identified in WhatsApp, seven of which were critical, while stressing that users should be very careful and not easily trust everything they hear about safety and its safeguarding.

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