Some great news for Zong postpaid customers out there. The Chinese telecommunications giant in Pakistan has announced a major 27% discount on select postpaid packages nearing the end of the year which will end up saving a whole lot of money for Zong users out there.

So which Zong postpaid packages have been discounted? Here they are:

  • Zong 1500 (Zong’s Premium Postpaid Package)
    New Price: Rs.1,095+tax
  • Zong Z900
    New Price: Rs. 657+tax
  • Zong Z500
    New Price: Rs. 365+tax
  • Zong Z300
    New Price: Will remain the same at Rs. 300+tax

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Has Anything Else Changed with the Zong Postpaid Packages?

Zong Postpaid Packages

Everything else is exactly the same as before. Luckily, Zong has not decreased any of the package facilities that come along with the price. Both the Z900 and Z1500 will still have unlimited on-net minutes throughout Pakistan. Z500 will have 1,500 and the Z300 will still get 500 on-net minutes for calling Zong-to-Zong.

Data, off-net minutes and SMS bundles also remain how they were before the Zong postpaid packages prices were slashed.

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The Official Zong Press Release

Circulated widely, the official Zong press release read something like this about the new update to their postpaid package prices.

“Zong 4G, Pakistan’s No. 1 Data Network has introduced a remarkable 27% discount on its postpaid packages. Under its latest offers, customers will be able to avail special discounts on Z500, Z900 and Z1500 postpaid packages.

  • Z1500: Monthly line rent reduced to Rs.1,095 from Rs.1500
  • Z900: Monthly line rent reduced to Rs.657 from Rs.900
  • Z500: Monthly line rent reduced to Rs.365 from Rs.500

These postpaid packages offer free monthly mobile internet up to 8GB with Unlimited Free Zong voice minutes.

This offer is in line with Zong 4G’s commitment of creating a complete 4G ecosystem in Pakistan. Zong 4G’s objective, as expressed through the brand promise of “A New Dream” is to leverage the technological edge in 4G LTE to digitally transform the lifestyle of Pakistani people.

Zong 4G, is the leading 4G operator of Pakistan with a 75% 4G market share and 4G coverage in over 300 cities nationwide. The company recently announced its plans to upgrade 100% of its network to 4G by year end. The company has also announced plans to invest over $200 Million in Pakistan in 2017.”

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What do you think about the latest price cuts in Zong’s postpaid packages? How do they compete with other telecom companies in Pakistan? You can also check out the complete details of all the Zong postpaid packages here.

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