It is truly amazing to see just how well Reliance’s Jio has performed in India after stepping into the telecom world less than six months ago. In such a short span of time, the industrial conglomerate has amassed over 100-million customers, which has bypassed and nearly matched some of the oldest players in the Indian sector.

“Reliance Jio has crossed 100-million customers mark in just 170 days,” Reliance Industries Chairman, Mukesh Ambani, said at a press conference in Mumbai.

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Free Voice Calls Forever


The services that Jio is providing to millions of Indians in the South Asian nation is spectacular. This includes free voice calls and no roaming charges from April 1st. Their twitter account even went as far as saying that is will be an “always” thing and not just for the moment being.


In terms of putting the number of subscribers to statistics, it means that every single second that passes by, seven people are signing up to the Jio network. Some experts are predicting that since now the free ride is over and Jio is going to start charging users for data consumption, the numbers will begin to fall.

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Free Data Too!


Not only are calls free on the Jio network, so is data. Well, that is going to change now after the newest addition to the list of telecom companies in India is finally going to move towards monetising their efforts. But that doesn’t mean that Jio is not going to offer some of the best packages around.

“Jio users consumed more than 100cr GB of data per month on the Jio network. That’s more than 3.3Cr GB a day,” Ambani added.

India has become the largest consumer of mobile data according to Mr. Ambani, who is also India’s richest man. The level of competition has forced companies to give deals better than those seen in even the most technologically developed nations like the United States and around Europe.

He is also planning on doubling the current data capacity of Reliance’s Jio so that it can handle the added demand. Some Indian consumers have expressed their dismay over the recent performance of Reliance’s new network and they really can’t be complaining seeing how millions were on it completely free of charge. Things should change now and the performance should level out.

That might not entirely be true since users of the Jio network, who sign on to be “Jio Prime Members” for $1.5/year will get access to 1 GB of 4G data every single day for just $4.5 a month. This has to be the best package out there right now when compared to almost all of the cellular competitors not only in India, but around the globe as well.

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Tough Telecom Market after Jio


As soon as Jio started attracting customers with the “Reliance Jio New Year Offer” offering free data and voice calls, competitors were hit hard. It is easy to imagine when the oldest private telecom company in India has 260 million customers and Jio came around to get half as much in just six months. Just to give you a look at how critical that is, Airtel has in around in India since 1995.

Vodafone, is another renowned Indian carrier and runner up to Airtel with over 200 million subscribers. Third place, government backed, BSNL is now in fourth after it was taken over by Reliance with only 90 million customers on board.

Reliance has plans to take over the market by giving the best packages possible and allowing the Indian market to move around without worrying about their mobile bills. What has hit Reliance hard is the quality standard, which Ambani and his team hope to improve in the coming months. With this new stream of revenue after they invested a reported amount of over $20 billion into the network infrastructure, let’s see if Jio can cash on the volume of subscribers and continue adding more.

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