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In a rapid development and coming in as quite a shock to tech enthusiasts, NITI Aayog CEO, Amitabh Kant, has claimed on Twitter that India’s mobile data consumption have overtaken everyone else and is now number one. That may not come as a shocker for many, but his claim of India consuming more mobile data than China and the United States is just mind boggling for sure.

Here’s his tweet in which Kan talks about how India is now consuming more than 1.5 Billion gigabytes of mobile data on monthly basis alone:

Times of India broke the news about Kant’s claims which is startling mobile data experts. It is believed that cheaper and more widespread access of 3G, 4G and LTE services across the South Asian country have allowed millions of people to finally become regular users. With a staggering population of over 1 Billion people in India alone and internet access rapidly expanding throughout its borders, this amount of consumption may keep on expanding at a faster than imaginable rate.

There was no exact source used by the Niti Aayog CEO to back up his claims, but he isn’t the only one making such massive statements. Not too long ago, Chairman of Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani, was also quick to point out how his new telecommunications operator, Reliance Jio, was also meeting customer demands of over 1 billion gigabytes of mobile data per month.

We did a story earlier in February of 2017 on how Reliance Jio had amassed over 100 million customers in just 170 days.

“Jio users consumed more than 100cr GB of data per month on the Jio network. That’s more than 3.3Cr GB a day,” Ambani said during a press conference after hitting the milestone.

One of the reasons Indians are now consuming so much mobile data is because there are packages out by telecom companies, such as Reliance Jio, that allow users to get 1 GB of data per day, every day for as little as $4.5/month. That is outstandingly cheap if compared to any other country around the world.

Indians Also Spending 70% of their Online Time on Facebook, WhatsApp, Music and Entertainment Apps

In another report released by Indian investment firm Omidyar Network, the source of all this data consumption was found. India’s mobile data consumption has gone sky high thanks to the availability and adoption of Facebook, WhatsApp and other apps for music and entertainment purposes.

This report went as far as to claim that a huge chunk, as much as 70% of the total time Indians were spending time online, was being spent using these apps. Leaving as little time as possible for anything else in the virtual world.

In the world of entertainment, YouTube is the biggest shareholder in India as 40% of the time spent on ‘entertainment’ apps goes to the world’s largest video streaming and sharing service. Only 17% of Americans spend as much time on YouTube as compared to Indians.

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