Fiber Link

It’s pretty safe to say that PTCL has a repute for working quite well in some areas around Pakistan and fails to perform in most. Despite the low quality of service delivery that PTCL has in even major cities like Lahore, Pakistan’s leading telecommunication company still offers great customer service. Fiber Link is a whole other story.

My frustration with PTCL forced me to consider changing my internet service provider. The list of ISPs available in my area are limited and I was looking forward to a change for the better. This is when Fiber Link caught my eye with their compelling packages and claims of offering unmatched service. It is unmatched, that’s for sure. So unmatched that not one can even come close to the awful customer service that they are currently offering.

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How Has My Experience with FIBER LINK Been So Horrible?

Fiber Link

At the time of writing this, it has been over 150 days since I placed my order and paid upfront in advance the required fees for the installation and my first month. The promised time of installation: 30 days! Just multiply that by 5 and you pretty much come to where I am right now.

I’ve been patient and I try my best to deal cool mindedly with most situations. Unfortunately, this has gotten quite out of hand and I hope to portray this issue to others who are already or may consider signing up for Fiber Link. When it comes to paying up advance, their rider will rush out to your address and grab the amount as quick as he can. From there onwards, it a game of cat and mouse with you being a cat chasing a non-existent mouse.

On the Fiber Link ‘about us‘ page, this is what they want to achieve. Possibly in a few hundred years:

“The aim of the company is to be called as the best in its industry and provide optimum level of satisfaction to our valued customer”. 

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150 Days and Counting for FIBER LINK to Install My Order

Honestly, the delay in installation isn’t even that big of an issue. What the real source of frustration for not only myself, but numerous others is their serious lack of customer service and quality assurance. I’ve tried emailing their customer service address several times.

Their representatives in Lahore usually keep their phone numbers on divert or turned off to avoid having to provide any sort of update. I even reached out the Fiber Link Chief of Business on LinkedIn and failed to hear from him after he asked for a screenshot of my receipt.

If you open up the Fiber Link Facebook page or read any of their reviews on different forums, there are several complaints. It’s high unfortunate to see that when it comes to grabbing the advance amount, they take minutes.

As surprising as it may sound, ever since I paid upfront on the day of my order till 150 days later, I have not received a single phone call from any Fiber Link representative, updating me on my order status or what they are planning to do about it! If that doesn’t force you to reconsider your decision on going with Fiber Link, I don’t know what will.

The Fiber Link office in Lahore, which is located in the Gulberg Area, is basically just a front for their operations and not a place where customers are welcomed. I know this because I’ve been there twice now. Waiting around for someone to even ask you what you need is the norm and another half hour wait for someone to show up is part of their daily routine.

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Should You Still Get FIBER LINK?

If you’re like me and out of options, you’ll probably have to wait around a couple of hundred days till you get your ordered installed.

PTCL is terrible in the area of Lahore I live in and Fiber Link is the only other wired option that I have. Zong’s internet wingle is what I’m also using and its great! The only issue with the Zong internet wingle is the data limits and high price of the packages, which is why I was really looking forward to Fiber Link’s 20 MB/Month, unlimited for PKR 2,000.

After trying all other ways to have my issue resolved, I have brought it out into the open and hope that someone at Fiber Link will get serious about this. They have my details and can reach out to me, hopefully soon for the very first time. I’ll continue posting updates as the story develops.

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Have you ever signed up with Fiber Link in either Karachi or Lahore? How has your experience been? Let me know in the comments section below or on the official Facebook page. You can also reach out to me at