10 years of the iPhone and Apple seems to be getting better and better as time goes by. Not everyone was amazed by the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Those of you who have gotten their hands on one are sure of its dynamic capabilities, even though it might only be a half upgrade from the Apple iPhone 6S. Maybe Apple will be more considerate and look into what the users want in terms of iPhone 8 features this time around.

Amazingly, in some markets around the world, the iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 are being sold at the same rates. Is the headphone jack to blame here? It might be. Which is why I decided to create a wish list of the features Apple hopefully includes into the 10-year celebration iPhone 8.

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Resurrection of the Headphone Jack

iPhone 8 Features

This is probably a tough one. I personally love the new sensor which Apple replaced the previous physical home button with. It is an improvement, for sure. But does there not need to be a headphone jack? Come on Apple. Using headphones with that lousy little jack is not only embarrassing, but it also looks weird and is easy to lose.

I must dedicate a pair of headphones just for my iPhone 7 Plus. Otherwise I would never be able to keep track of where I left that 3.5 mm dongle plugging thing. Yeah, I know you guys at Apple are trying to promote the use of AirPods and wireless headphones, but not everyone is thrilled about that. Especially since they cost an arm and a leg and the least Apple could have done is thrown in a pair with the phone for free.

If there isn’t going to be a headphone jack in the Apple iPhone 8. There may as well be a pair of wireless headphones in there and not just a cheap dongle, which is actually pretty expensive by looking at what it’s meant for.  On the Apple website, it literally costs USD 9. That is way too much for it just being a device to plug in your headphones.

Apple most probably will never be bringing back the headphone jack. It is more of an issue of pride here now. Because if they did, bloggers and the media overall would eat them alive for backtracking. iPhone 7 users would also go on an anti-Apple rampage. Just keeping my fingers crossed for this one!

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Free of Any Cracking Paint, Scratch Attracting Gloss, Touch Disease or Battery Drain

iPhone 8 Features

 Ok, so Apple’s first phablet device was the iPhone 6 Plus. I can understand that if it had been any other company, there would be issues galore. But I did not expect that from Apple at all. The touch disease in the Apple iPhone 6 was such a crummy issue and the way Apple handled it was even lousier.

A close relative of mine had an iPhone 6 Plus which she loved and it gave into the touch disease issues in less than a year. Apple “Geniuses” clearly did not know how to handle the issue. Thanks to IFIXIT, iPhone 6 Plus users were finally able to discover what really is the problem with their phones.

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The screen would flicker and eventually lose the ability to do anything at all. That was seriously a waste of money and effort because barely anyone had any clue on how to resolve it. To make her even more agitated, Apple “launched” a repair service program for the broken iPhone 6 Plus’ to fix a ‘defect’ for just $149. How considerate of Apple, truly.

Then came a fault with some iPhone 6S devices. They would be running fine until the battery would die out, even though the smartphone showed 30% as still available. Again, frustration and confusion was at its peak until the entire media had exposed the issue. Apple finally accepted defeat here again and offered free repair, but only for a limited number of devices. Wonderful! One of the world’s most expensive smartphones, but possibly the worst sort of after-sales service out there.

Luckily, there isn’t any such bad news going around about the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Maybe because it has only been out for a couple of months, but I am hoping that it will not be the case. Hopefully Apple has learned a lesson and will improve on previous mistakes.

The only bad news regarding the iPhone 7 has been about how bad the Jet Black color variation is. Anyone with a Jet Black iPhone 7 should not use it without a soft and protective cover! No one!

Not only are Jet Black owners having issues, but some users are also claiming that their Matte Black iPhone 7’s paint is chipping away. I have one and I am just praying I never have to see the day when part of my iPhone 7 chips away like that.

This brings us to our next point on the iPhone 8 features wish list.

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Better Customer Service and Device Support

iPhone 8 Features

2016 was an embarrassing time for one of Apple’s biggest rivals, Samsung. Whatever happened with the Samsung Note 7, the company is purely to blame for that. Although, there is one thing which we all really need to appreciate the South Korean smartphone giant on. That is addressing the issue and providing exceptional customer service.

When people started coming out with their exploding Note 7s, Samsung didn’t take long to respond. A complete recall was issues and consumers were offered alternative devices or full refunds. They were even offered future discounts and promotional offers. Had this been the case with Apple, there would probably not be any acceptance of the issue at all. Apple would have probably blamed it on hackers or the buyers themselves, but I truly hope that this changes with the iPhone 8.

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The iPhone 8 features, whenever they are revealed, will turn heads. As the years go on, Apple is slowing losing its charm primarily due to two reasons. Either all Apple fans have an iPhone and are unwilling to upgrade or secondly, there is a ton of variety when it comes to smartphones and people are no longer dependent on Apple for quality handsets. The mobile phone market is extremely fast in adapting to change and if Apple keeps this up, they will continue losing out on the market share.

It was Samsung’s bad luck which brought good fortune to Apple in 2016. If Apple thinks it will be the same this year, the iPhone 8 features will not be much to compete against the anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8. We all know Samsung wants to come back with a bang and the S8 is their way of doing that. So, Apple better be ready.

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Better Display and Bigger Battery

iPhone 8 Features

I must admit. I have used all those AMOLED screens and devices in the past, but the iPhone 7 still had a great display. This is despite Apple not having really improved on display quality since 2014, but it still put up a strong fight out there. The iPhone 8 features should include a proper upgrade in terms of display quality and some sources are predicting that there will either be an OLED or AMOLED display in use for the first time by Apple.

The iPhone 7 battery is great. For normal users, it can easily last a whole day. As soon as you need to really get deep into the device, the battery can dry up fast. Why not upgrade the current 2900 mAh battery for a 3500+ one? This, if it were added to the iPhone 8 features list, would seriously pack a punch. Apple users would finally be able to compete with some Android fans, who have phones which now come with 4000+ mAh batteries.

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Kill the 32 GB Variant and Keep the Minimum at 64 GB

iPhone 8 Features

Everyone who owns an iPhone can testify to 32 GB not being enough space in the long run. The inability to upgrade storage through an external memory card makes the 32 GB variant even less intriguing. For the iPhone 8 features wish list, I hope that Apple keeps the minimum storage space at 64 GB, while having the 128 and 256 GB options available as well. Hopefully at the same prices as before.

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Round Up of iPhone 8 Features Wish List

iPhone 8 Features

There was a lot discussed. Some emotional outbreaks, but all in good faith. Here are some of the main points of the iPhone 8 features wish list:

  • Better Customer Service from Apple
  • Bring Back the Headphone Jack (Highly Unlikely)
  • Better Screens (Maybe OLEDs or AMOLEDs)
  • Bigger Battery (3500 mAh minimum)
  • Free from Bugs and Defects (e.g. Touch Disease of iPhone 6 Plus)
  • 64 GB minimum storage capacity

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Expected Date of the iPhone 8 Announcement

iPhone 8 Features

The best way to predict when the new iPhone may be announced is by looking at how Apple has done it in the past. Looking at the below trend, the first or second week of September seems like the most likely time when Apple will hold an event to do the launching.

  • iPhone 5 – September 12 – 2012
  • iPhone 5s – September 10 – 2013
  • iPhone 6 – September 9 – 2014
  • iPhone 6s – September 9 – 2015
  • iPhone 7 – September 7 – 2016

After the official launch is done and over with, Apple has a history of shipping the devices out within a 2-3 week time span. So, September 2017 seems like the most likely of time this year as well.

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