Audio Books on Google Play

Google Play Store is full of great apps, games, music and so much more. Not many Android users may know this, but Google Play also has a great variety of movies, TV Shows, books and even comics. Looks like Audio Books on Google Play is also going to be a thing in a new discovery by

The report shows a teaser of a launch of Audio Books on Google Play which may be available as soon as mid or near the end of 2018. A banner is shown to have appeared on Google Play Store about “Audiobooks now on Google Play,” with a small subheading saying, “Get 50% off your first title.”

When the banner was clicked, it didn’t work and is not appearing for everyone. Most people may not be able to see it because Google may have been just testing it at the time. There is no official confirmation from Google Play about audio books being added to the collection or when exactly that may be happening.

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From that banner we can also see that a 50% discount on the first title that you Audio Book purchase you make on Google Play may come with the launch. The addition of audio books on Google Play may be added to the music section or could come under a completely separate category.

Right now, Amazon is the dominating player in the audio book market. Apple iTunes hasn’t been able to break the market share from Amazon. This makes Google’s potential move into audio books quite exciting because it would further give Amazon tough competition. Because of their convenience, audio books are gaining popularity and it has risen sharply in the last few years.

People who are fond of reading and are just not able to find time to actually sit down and open a book have begun preferring audio books. It is much easier to have a book read out to you on your way to work or when you are out for a jog or in the gym. Instead of just listening to music, an audio book is a great way for people to continue learning while performing other tasks that allow for that certain distraction.

It will be interesting to see what kind of catalogue of audio books in Google Play are available at the time of launch. Whenever that is. Google Play will also have a huge opportunity to capture a large share of the market just seeing how many Android users there are around the globe.

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What do you think about the addition of audio books on Google Play? Will Google be able to take advantage of appealing to their own Android user base? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.