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There has been fierce competition between Apple and Google in recent years. Not only are the two competing in bringing out top level smartphones to users around the globe, but the race to stay on top of the app game is also as competitive. 2017 saw nearly $60 billion spent by users across the globe on apps. Apple’s App Store was the clear winner there for sure.

In total, mobile users spent an estimated $58.6 billion on Apple’s App Store and Google Play apps and games. Everything from paying for premium apps, in-app purchases and various subscriptions were taken into factor by Sensor Tower Store Intelligence. It turns out that the market is still growing quite rapidly. Compared to 2016, the amount of money which users spent on both platforms app stores is a 35 percent jump.

Users spent approximately $43.5 billion on Apple and Google Play stores in 2016.

Out of the nearly $60 billion spent by smartphone users in 2017, a major chunk of that went to the Apple App Store. Almost half, at $38.5 billion was spent by Apple users on its App Store, while Google Play received just $20.1 billion.

There is something to keep in mind here which is a gigantic factor in the amount of money people spend on either store. Google Play is not yet officially available in China, which allows Apple to dominate the app market. Since there is no official support for Google Play in China yet, Chinese users use other options which are available to them like MyApp, 360 Mobile Assistant, Xiaomi App Store and others.

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Google Play Dominated Globally in App and Game Downloads during 2017

Even though a lot more money was spent on purchases made within apps, games and the App Store by Apple users, Google Play dominated the scene in regards to overall first downloads.

Talking about Apps, Google Play users downloaded an estimated 64 billion apps across the globe. Which is far higher than Apple’s 28 billion. Same goes in regards of game downloads. Android users downloaded 77 percent of the total amount of gaming apps compared to the iOS number of just 8.3 billion.

The biggest factor Sensor Tower sees as being responsible for this is the high rate of adaptability users have for Android in developing countries. It is much cheaper to get an Android powered device as compared to an Apple smartphone or tablet.

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App and Game Growth Still Going Strong

For both Apps and Games on Google Play and App Store, there was a steady and significant growth. This data will definitely encourage more players to enter the market and kill off any rumors of their being less potential there.

There was an overall growth of 13.5 percent for app downloads, while game downloads on both platforms grew almost 30 percent. $38.5 billion was spent on apps, while a whopping $48.3 billion was spent just on games.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out in 2018 as Google as plans to do an official Google Play launch in China sometime this year.

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