YouTube Remix

Google has tried all sorts of things to put up a tough fight against Apple Music and Spotify. Unluckily, the past two attempts through Google Play Music and YouTube Music Key failed pretty badly. Now, Google could put up another attempt with a paid service reportedly called, ‘YouTube Remix’, as soon as March of 2018.

Sources at Bloomberg are regarding Google as being pretty deep in music streaming troubles when it comes to innovating a platform with a lot of paying subscribers. Spotify is now home to over 140 million monthly users, of which 50 million are paying to use the premium service. Apple isn’t far behind as it has 30 million-plus of its own.

On the other hand, Google hasn’t really been able to catch on to the trends, despite music streaming being the biggest revenue generator of YouTube right now. It’s pretty common that we all listen to the latest music videos mostly on YouTube, especially since artists are more keen on releasing online rather than on television as compared with previous years.

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YouTube Red, a video subscription service recently launched and has approximately 2 million subscribers now. Google is yet to release any concrete data on how much subscribers it has for its Google Play Music service, which was released back in 2011. YouTube Music Key came out in 2014 and YouTube Remix would be the third such product in less than a decade.

It seems now that Google is trying to incorporate YouTube Red into a music streaming service. YouTube Remix could be a mix of both of those components, with a much heavier focus on the audio aspect with some video additions here and there. An audio only version of YouTube was also recently launched, but is not available in most countries. If the same goes for YouTube Remix, it could end up forcing customers to continue choosing Spotify or Apple Music for their streaming needs.

A lack of music collection was another con on the list of many for Google’s previous music streaming services. Now, Google is reportedly in talks with Warner Music Group and other major labels on increasing their revenue and also increasing the variety of music which could possibly be available on YouTube Remix.

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Google is also currently undergoing troubles in negotiating with artists and recording labels over poor compensation compared to other services. YouTube Remix may not even be a reality if Google is unable to put up stiff competition in pricing, plans and compensation to content creators.

It should be kept in mind that YouTube Music Key was merged into YouTube Red back in 2016. 2018 may just have us witnessing another merger, of YouTube Red and Google Play Music into YouTube Remix.

Pricing for YouTube Red right now ranges from $9.99/month and goes up to $12.99/month for its premium service. Pricing details have not yet been revealed for YouTube Remix, but experts are pointing out several similarities, which would include package plans as well.

2018 is not that far and neither is March, so let’s see what Google ends up doing with YouTube and if YouTube Remix can put up a tough fight against the industry giants.

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