Slow Internet Speed
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Slow internet speed is probably the most annoying thing out there. Not getting a strong WiFi signal is one aspect, but not getting enough bandwidth despite have a fast internet connection can force some people to start pulling their hair out.

You are definitely not alone. Most people don’t realize which factors can greatly affect their internet speed. We didn’t know that much either, until recently Blue Gadget Tooth released this amazing infographic showing us 10 reasons why you might be facing slow internet speed.

Regardless of whether you have a 5Mbps connection or a 50Mbps one. If these issues persist on your end, you will continue to get snail like internet speed and suffer from never ending frustration.

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Take a look for yourself:

What Affects Your Internet Speed Infographic
Courtesy; Blue Gadget Tooth


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What are some things you could do to increase your chances of getting better bandwidth? Shouldn’t be too much of a problem after having studied that infographic. Here are some of our suggestions:

Use a Good Router

The better your router, the faster your internet speed will be. The reason why most people get a slow internet speed is due to having a low bandwidth router which faces difficulties in handling multiple users and has a lot of interference from surrounding networks.

Make sure to test different spots to see where the router will perform best and change the signal to one which isn’t too congested.

When Internet Speed is Slow, opt for Ethernet

If you took a look at the first point on the infographic, you should be in shock right now. The difference between a wireless and wired connection when it comes to slow internet speed is huge!

We know it’s not always easy nowadays to find a wired connection and you really don’t have to either. But whenever you need a quick boost and can’t find anything else that’s working, hook that ethernet cable up and be witness to a whole new world of internet speed.

Clean Up the Computer/Smartphone/Tablet

Today’s technology is quite adequate in being able to support, send and receive data at blazing fast speeds. You don’t need to worry about upgrading your device if you bought it within the last five years or so. What you really need to be doing is making sure that there aren’t a bunch of files and junk of your internal storage drives which is hindering your device’s true potential.

Regularly delete older files and maintain a certain empty space on your internal storage. 10-15% or more is the magical number here. Not only will you not get a slow internet speed because of all that junk taking up space, you will also see a drastic improvement in the device’s overall performance as well.

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What do you think affects internet speeds the most? Is slow internet speed a major problem in your life? Let us know in the comments section below or on our official Facebook page!