Apple iPad Mini 5

The Apple iPad Mini series was and has been a hit with the consumer tablet market for a number of reasons. Unfortunately, it is rumored that Apple had decided to discontinue the iPad mini series altogether, killing off any hopes of the Apple iPad Mini 5.

Not too small and not too big, I myself loved the iPad mini. I’m still using the iPad Mini 2 and was really looking forward to the next generation. The Apple iPad Mini 4 is nearly two years old now as it was released back in September of 2015. I may just have to focus on getting the Mini 4 because the Apple iPad Mini 5 just may never become a reality for us mini fans.

Several sources are still quoting “leaked reports” about the new Apple iPad Mini 5. But, I have personally never been a fan of these so called “leaked” news items. Until I hear something from Apple directly, I’m still hoping that the Apple iPad Mini 5 or a mini version of the pro series may just be around the corner.

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Why Would Apple Consider Shutting Down the Mini Series?

Apple iPad Mini 5
Courtesy: Apple

Well, it beats me. There was a niche market for these smaller sized tablets and Apple was by far the best one out there. The closest competitor was Samsung with its 8-inch Galaxy Tab S2, but even they forgot about making a smaller version of the Tab S3 which only comes out in the larger size (9.7-inches).

The original Apple iPad Mini was launched in 2012. Which was an instant hit. That was prior to the release of the larger sized Apple iPhones that we have today. After Apple came out with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, it seems as if the Mini series had been losing out on sales as people with a 5.5-inch smartphone didn’t seem to see the Mini iPad series as being worthy anymore.

For tablet readers, the Apple iPad Mini is a fantastic device. It is mobile, easy to handle and even better to carry around wherever you’re going. Apple did good to introduce a 128 GB variant in the iPad Mini 4, which is why I was so looking forward to the Apple iPad Mini 5. Maybe, just maybe Apple would think about introducing a 256 GB model in the Apple iPad Mini 5, making my life complete!

Don’t really know if that is still going happen. Oh, well.

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Cutting Down the iPad Mini Series for the Apple iPad Mini 5, maybe?

Apple iPad Mini 5
Courtesy: Apple

Earlier this year in 2017, Apple discontinued official retail of the iPad Mini 2 altogether. They even decided to stop advertising the 32 GB variant of the iPad Mini 4! Who would have thought that people would lose out on an iPad Mini 4 model as early as 2017?

The Apple iPad Mini 4, 128 GB version is available at the Apple Store for just USD 399 and around the global markets for as much as USD 500. The Apple iPad Mini 4 In Pakistan is still selling like hotcakes for over PKR 55,000.

2017 is nearly over now and Apple is still focused on getting the iPhone 8 out before the holiday season begins. There is a slight possibility that we may be seeing a smaller version of the iPad lineup possibly sometime in early 2018, but again, these guesses are as good as anyone else’s. Just to reiterate, there has been no official announcement by Apple in regards to discontinuing the iPad Mini series or setting a launch date for an Apple iPad Mini 5. So don’t give your hopes up too early and also, don’t keep them up too high either.

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What Other Alternatives Are There to the Apple iPad Mini 5?

Apple iPad Mini 5
Courtesy: Apple

If Apple never releases a new iPad Mini, it certainly is not going to be the end of the world. There are still some great alternatives that we could look at and possibly even consider as being our next choice.

If you’re not going to consider the Apple iPad Mini 4 at all as being your long-lasting tablet, then the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is probably the best 8-inch tablet in the world of Android right now. It’s processing power if far superior to the Apple iPad Mini 2 and 3, but only comparable with the iPad Mini 4. It also has an external storage option for users who want to boost their internal memory.

The price difference between the Apple iPad Mini 4 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is virtually non-existent. Both tablets are being offered for the same price of USD 399, unless you can find them on sale somewhere. For a $100 less, you could also consider the Huawei MediaPad M3, which still packs a ton of features for a price that you can’t beat.

Whichever tablet you choose to go with or even if you end up keeping your fingers crossed for the Apple iPad Mini 5, iOS fans will never be able to find a comparable alternative. The Apple iPad Mini series was excellent for a broad group of people, especially those who turned it into their primary devices by attaching a keyboard and so on.

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Let us know what you think about the possibility of there never being an Apple iPad Mini 5 in the comments section below or on the official Facebook page. You never know, Apple might just read what you have to say and reconsider their approach. Like that’s ever happened!