Amazon Anytime

There’s a whole lot of variety in messaging apps on both iOS and Android. At times, I think there are too many apps that serve the same purpose, but each have a specific audience of their own which works out pretty well. Amazon just might be the next big player as sources are citing the possible release of Amazon Anytime.

Amazon is much more now than just an e-commerce giant. The retail leader has taken the world by storm with its voice controlled ‘Alexa’ and changing the home automation scene forever. Alexa is outmatching its competitors and could just be a necessity in every home sometime in the near future.

Back to the instant messaging scene. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger continue to dominate in instant messaging, primarily due to the convenience these two apps provide. Facebook Messenger allows you to communicate with all of your friends on the world’s largest social network. WhatsApp, on the other hand, is great for communicating, sharing videos and files with all your contacts in your smartphone’s phonebook because each account is linked to a phone number.

Just to mention, both applications have made voice calling and video chatting a breeze as well. The use of Skype and FaceTime is declining, while WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger continue to be the choice of millions for messaging, calling and video chatting around the world.

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Where Did the Amazon Anytime Story Come From?

AFTV News was the one to break the news, while speculations have been going on for months.

It’s being said that Anytime by Amazon will be a completely independent app and free from any user restrictions to be linked to an Amazon account. There are a number of features which AFTV news claims will be featured in Amazon Anytime, which have been gathered after taking a survey from customers about which ones they would really like to see in a new messaging app.

Customer satisfaction is what Amazon is all about and this goes to show that the retail giant is focusing once again on its customer base to garner interest in Anytime.

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Possible Features of Amazon Anytime

Here are some of the features, according to AFTV News, which will be integrated in Amazon Anytime. We really hope to see these features and think that this could be a game changer for sure after the lackluster interest in Google’s recently released IM apps.

  • Connect with friends using only their names. Eliminating the need of any phone numbers

  • Interconnectivity and synchronization of Amazon Anytime with your desktop, laptop and smartphone. Basically working from various devices from where you left off.

  • Amazon Anytime will keep chats private and secure through encryption. This is what makes WhatsApp a go-to app for many people.

  • High quality voice and video calls. Free group calling is also mentioned to be a part of Amazon Anytime. Hopefully it’ll be better than the group calling feature of Facebook Messenger.

  • Obviously, Amazon Anytime will be full of GIFs, stickers and emojis. We’d never use it If it wasn’t.

  • Better integration and usability of group chats with @mentions, file sharing and video chatting.

  • Multiplayer gaming with contacts on Amazon Anytime, a feature which has yet to catch on in Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

  • Built-in filters for photos and videos, possibly the ones taken by the app or sharing through Amazon Anytime.

  • Integrating business and making everything possible such as making reservations, ordering food, listening to music and even shopping together online.

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Not Amazon’s First Hit at Communications

In an attempt to compete against Microsoft Skype and Cisco WebEx, Amazon had announced Chime. This enterprise class video conferencing service for its business users and even regular Amazon customers, with free one-to-one video conferencing.

There is a certain charge for additional features of Amazon Chime, but we’re hopeful that Amazon Anytime will be completely free to use for the general public.

You can even get a little glimpse of Amazon’s quality by downloading Chime on your Android or iOS smartphone at the following links:

Amazon Chime for Apple iOS Devices

Amazon Chime for Android Devices

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Verdict on Amazon Anytime

While there is an unlimited availability of messaging apps on both the Apple iOS platform and Android devices, there is plenty of room for improvement.

Today’s world is always ready for something bigger and better and if Amazon Anytime has the potential to take it to the next level, it won’t be long till WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger become Apps of the past.

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Currently, there is no report or confirmation on when we could be seeing a finalized version of Amazon Anytime for Android or iOS. But we are quite certain that the app will be released for both devices simultaneously and sometime possibly by the end of this year. Amazon wouldn’t want to release an app in testing and none of us are in a hurry to grapple on to one which wouldn’t make our lives any better either.

What do you think about Amazon Anytime? Do you think it could be the next big messaging app and even takedown WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger? Let us know in the comments section below or on the official Facebook page!