2017 has been a pretty great year for Zong (CMPak) in Pakistan. Just a few months ago, Zong celebrated gaining over 1.5 million 4G subscribers. With coverage of one of Pakistan’s fastest mobile internet connections reaching over 200 cities now, Zong is one of the leading telecommunication companies in Pakistan. For millions of users, Zong postpaid packages are also some of the best.

Let’s look in detail about what Zong is offering for its postpaid customers. I will also explain how anyone in Pakistan can easily switch over to Zong postpaid packages, if they are Zong pepaid users or currently on a different network.

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New Zong Postpaid Packages for 2017

For those Zong postpaid customers who were subscribed to older packages from 2016 or earlier, they can continue using their subscription for now. There is no information if Zong will have them convert over to the new postpaid packages, but if you ask me, the newer ones are quite economical and bundle a ton of features, too.

There are four new Zong postpaid packages, which have been introduced in 2017. Here are their exact details:

(It should be kept in mind that all below rates are exclusive of any sort of federal or provincial taxes)

Z300 Zong Postpaid Package

  • Monthly Line Rent: PKR 300+tax
  • Minimum Security Deposit: PKR 600
  • Zong-to-Zong Minutes: 500 (On-Network)
  • Zong-to-Other Networks: 100 (Off-Network)
  • SMS Included: 500
  • Inclusive Mobile Internet: 1 GB (1000 MB)

Z300 Regular Tariff

  • On-Network Calls @ PKR 1.4/Min
  • Off-Network Calls @ PKR 1.4/Min
  • Local SMS Rates (Nationwide) @ PKR 0.5/SMS
  • Internet @ PKR 1/MB

Z500 Zong Postpaid Package

  • Monthly Line Rent: PKR 500+tax
  • Minimum Security Deposit: PKR 1,000
  • Zong-to-Zong Minutes: 1,500 (On-Network)
  • Zong-to-Other Networks: 250 (Off-Network)
  • SMS Included: 1,000
  • Inclusive Mobile Internet: 2 GB (2000 MB)

Z500 Regular Tariff

  • On-Network Calls @ PKR 1.25/Min
  • Off-Network Calls @ PKR 1.25/Min
  • Local SMS Rates (Nationwide) @ PKR 0.5/SMS
  • Internet @ PKR 1/MB

Z900 Zong Postpaid Package

  • Monthly Line Rent: PKR 900+tax
  • Minimum Security Deposit: PKR 2,000
  • Zong-to-Zong Minutes: UNLIMITED (On-Network)
  • Zong-to-Other Networks: 500 (Off-Network)
  • SMS Included: 2,000
  • Inclusive Mobile Internet: 4 GB (4000 MB)

Z900 Regular Tariff

  • On-Network Calls @ UNLIMITED
  • Off-Network Calls @ PKR 1.25/Min
  • Local SMS Rates (Nationwide) @ PKR 0.5/SMS
  • Internet @ PKR 1/MB

Z1500 Zong Postpaid Package

  • Monthly Line Rent: PKR 1,500+tax
  • Minimum Security Deposit: PKR 3,000
  • Zong-to-Zong Minutes: UNLIMITED (On-Network)
  • Zong-to-Other Networks: 800 (Off-Network)
  • SMS Included: 4,000
  • Inclusive Mobile Internet: 8 GB (8000 MB)

Z1500 Regular Tariff

  • On-Network Calls @ UNLIMITED
  • Off-Network Calls @ PKR 1.2/Min
  • Local SMS Rates (Nationwide) @ PKR 0.5/SMS
  • Internet @ PKR 1/MB

Zong Postpaid Add-Ons

In case the freebies included in your Zong postpaid package run out, you can always subscribe to add-ons. These will continue till the end of your billing cycle and are reoccurring, unless you choose to opt out of them before the time of expiry.

Internet Add-Ons

  • Very Basic – 100 MB @ PKR 10
  • Monthly Mini – 150 MB @ PKR 50
  • Monthly Basic – 500 MB @ PKR 150
  • Monthly Premium – 1 GB @ PKR 250
  • Monthly Premium – 2 GB @ PKR 350
  • Monthly Premium – 4 GB @ PKR 500
  • Monthly Premium – 10 GB @ PKR 1,800
  • Monthly Premium Plus – 20 GB @ PKR 3,500

SMS Add-Ons

  • 300 SMS @ PKR 25
  • 700 SMS @ PKR 50
  • UNLIMITED (500 SMS/Day Fair Usage Policy) @ PKR 90

For any Zong postpaid user to unsubscribe from extra SMS bundles, they would simply have to send “UnSub” to 700 from their Zong number.

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How to Convert to Zong Postpaid

There are a couple of ways anyone living in Pakistan can switch to Zong from another network or subscribe to Zong postpaid packages if currently a Zong prepaid customer.

               1. Visit a Nearby Zong Customer Service Centre:

This will be the easiest way to get help in switching over from any other network to Zong postpaid. This also applies to customers who are currently signed up for Zong prepaid and wish to move over to a postpaid package.

               2. Doorstep Postpaid Conversion:

Zong has now given their current prepaid customers the ability to switch over to postpaid while sitting at home. Sign up and have a Zong representative come over and do the work for you.

               3. Call Customer Service:

You can always get in touch with a Zong representative over the phone. Just dial 310 from your Zong number (PKR 2+tax) and openly discuss any issues or concerns you may have.

If you are not a Zong customer, you can dial 111-222-111 with your city’s area code.

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Which Payment Methods do Zong Postpaid Customers Have?

Paying your Zong postpaid bill is simple and can be done through numerous options. Go ahead and take a look at the below ways you can pay your Zong postpaid bill and see which one suits your needs.

  • Through Zong Easyload
  • Zong Scratch Cards
  • Direct Debit
  • Your E-Banking Portal or ATM
  • Cash/Credit/Debit Card at Franchise and Service Centre
  • Online Recharge at the Zong Website.

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Additional Benefits for Zong Postpaid Customers

Compared to Zong prepaid customers, those of you who are using postpaid services with Zong do get additional benefits. Postpaid customers are universally preferred over prepaid ones, due to their dedicated loyalty with the company.

  • Ability to increase Credit Limit by 5% (for PKR 5+tax) and get credit limit notifications
  • Free ebilling by Zong through your email
  • SMS bill notifications

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How to Check Zong Postpaid Bill and Package Details

Most of the package subscribing and postpaid details which users look for can be done through dialling *567# from your number. Also, this is completely free of cost for Zong postpaid customers.

Also, there are two billing cycles available to Zong Postpaid Customers. They are 1-30/31st or 16-15th of every month.

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TechBizWeb Recommended Postpaid Package

If a decent amount of on-net and off-net minutes, a reliable internet service and SMS bundle are important for you, then TechBizWeb recommends the Z900 package. This Zong postpaid package is highly efficient and comes with a good amount of services for the price. Plus, it has unlimited Zong-to-Zong minutes, while the ones below it are restricted to a set limit.