Most mobile phone makers have officially launched in Pakistan. The vast potential with a population of over 200 million is certainly attractive for any smartphone company, but LG is still one of the few who are left behind in this regard.

At the moment, LG mobile phones are being imported by retailers and being sold at unregulated prices. At times, there is a $100 or more difference in prices of LG mobile phones launched in the international market with those available in Pakistan.

The recent news of Lenovo prepping up to launch a line-up of Motorola mobiles in Pakistan is exciting. It will give Samsung, Huawei and other leaders in the Pakistani smartphone market a run for their money. Especially since LG has a great variety of devices, which are usually in a high demand from Pakistanis.

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What Kind of Market is Pakistan for LG Mobile Phones?

LG Mobile Phones Pakistan

A recent example is of the LG Nexus 5X. The mobile phone is one of the most sought after in Pakistan and is usually in a shortage when exploring the market. Online retailers also failed to live up to the demand of customers looking for the affordable Google Nexus phone made by LG.

What makes LG not officially being in Pakistan even more frustrating is the lack of quality after sale services for current mobile phones. Again, many LG Nexus 5X devices were basically bricked after the Android Nougat 7.0 update and because of it being a hardware related fault, people had nowhere to go. They had to ultimately rely on third-party repair shops to get the job done, which most of the time is lacklustre and not up to the mark.

It should be noted that LG does have an official presence for all of its other electronics like air conditioners, TVs and kitchen appliances. The South Korean brand is yet to launch any official presence for its mobile phone wing and may do so in the comings months.

Not having any official presence has also given other and many smaller competitors a chance to compete. While Samsung, Apple and Huawei continue to dominate the market, LG is still living in the shadows and only a very few part of the population actually considers LG mobile phones as being competitive.

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Missing Out Big Time on Growing Mobile Phone Demand

LG Mobile Phones Pakistan

It is believed that over 1 million people join in on the 3G/4G bandwagon every month in Pakistan. That means more and more higher-end mobile phones being in demand and Pakistanis are surely passionate about their smartphones.

According to the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA), a remarkable 50 percent of all mobile phones in Pakistan are now smartphones. This is accurate of a study from Jan 15 – June 15. You can imagine how much that may have grown by now as we are one month into 2017. Just a year before those stats, the smartphone market was at 38 percent in 2014.

A recent study by GfK, a German market research institution, also pointed out at Pakistan being number six on their list of countries with most growth of smartphone markets by value. Can’t really defend LG on this one.

It will be interesting to see how Motorola performs in Pakistan when an official launch happens. Maybe LG will follow suit and take a dip in Pakistan then as well.

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Let us know what you think about LG’s decision so far to avoid the Pakistani mobile phone market and how the company may proceed in the future.