Following up on our previous story, Samsung mobile is getting ready to release details of a much anticipated probe. The investigation was a thorough look into what went wrong with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and according to an insider, January 23 is the set date for revelations to be made.

2016 became a year filled with nightmares for the South Korean smartphone company as its flagship device started exploding out of nowhere. Later, investigations revealed that the Samsung mobile battery was the main culprit.

Since smartphones are now coming with non-removable batteries, it has made it difficult to replace any sort of malfunctioning parts. Had Samsung mobile stuck to its previous models of removable back covers, they may not have had to issue a complete rollback.

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Samsung Mobile Reputation Hanging on Report

Samsung Mobile
Will there be a Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

Luckily for Samsung, the result of a complete breakdown of their flagship Note 7 device didn’t bring havoc for the company, financially speaking. Samsung mobile still performed pretty well with the Galaxy S7 and others, but this report is deemed as one which will either break or rebuild consumer trust.

Competition is at an all-time high for smartphone manufacturers and consumers are unlikely to wait around for Samsung to get its act together. Apple and Huawei greatly benefitted from the Samsung mobile mishap and it may only get worse if the report doesn’t appeal to a wider audience. Issuing an apology is one thing, but really getting deep into maintaining quality standards is the need of the moment.

The day that Samsung is perceived to be making their findings about the Note 7 public, is a day before Samsung mobile is going to be releasing their fourth-quarter earnings.

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More to the Story than the Battery

Samsung Mobile
The battery may not be the only reason

What is really interesting is the fact that Samsung blamed the exploding Note 7 devices on faulty batteries. That is understandable. The only problem is that when new Note 7 smartphones were shipped out by Samsung mobile, the story remained the same. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones were still exploding all over the place. So there is certainly much more that was going on.

The company is still having a good time in terms of sales because of it being a major smartphone part manufacturer. In terms of its flagship smartphones, there really isn’t much telling about that right now. Consumers are looking primarily at getting value for money and not $1000 devices which carry a life risk with them.

Let’s wait till Monday and see what Samsung mobile has to tell the world. Hopefully, it will be something worth listening to.

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