Global telecom giant, Telenor is reportedly shutting down all of its company owned and operated service centers across Pakistan. The total number of service centers in Pakistan at the moment are 17. This also means nearly 200 people will be without a job in the coming days.

The announcement came as a sort of shock for many. Especially since Telenor has always been reputed for providing a high level of customer satisfaction. This will now leave millions of its subscribers in the hands of third-party owned franchises – 289 to be exact. These company affiliated franchises operate in and around the major cities of Pakistan.

Fortunately, Telenor is said to be working with these franchises to improve any quality loopholes. This will be done by equipping them with needed features to maintain a level of satisfaction for its customers.

What Happens to All the Laid Off Employees?

Those being laid off will no longer be employed with Telenor Pakistan, but will still be taken care of. They will be given a payout as compensation for their tenure and service with the company. Telenor issued the following handout regarding the news,

“With the changing dynamics of industry, customer demands and technology, it is now possible to serve customers in a better, faster and more efficient way through various other means. The move, primarily in line with Telenor’s long-term ambitions to empower its customers, will however, impact the company’s S&SC staff linked with these channels who have been offered a Voluntary Severance Scheme (VSS).”

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Why Did Telenor Make Such a Move?

The closing of all company operated customer service centers by one of the largest telecom providers in Pakistan is a new development in recent years. It is probably the biggest news in Pakistan’s mobile service industry since the merger of Mobilink and Warid. But, what really did cause Telenor to make such a move?

Official statements and opinions are pointing towards the company deciding that service centers were no longer of much use to an empowered customer base. Most customers, per Telenor, are now aware of using support services online. Through mobile applications and the official helplines. This may certainly be the case, but could negatively affect consumer  and public opinion about the company.

At a time when subscriber rates for telecom companies in Pakistan continue to grow, Telenor may face a backlash. This could be the case if many customers who are unable to get help from other channels, decide to change their service provider due to mounting frustration. It may even be due to a slowing growth for Telenor as competition grows monumentally in the industry and cost-cutting measures are at an all-time high.

How this will impact Telenor’s position in Pakistan, only time will tell. For now, Telenor is still one of the largest service providers for cellular services in Pakistan. It is also one of very few mobile service companies in Pakistan to provide 4G internet services.

We will continue to update this story if any breakthrough information is provided.

If you have any further information on why Telenor Pakistan may have closed all of its services centers across Pakistan or have an opinion on this, do share with us in the comments section.

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