Alexa, an company, is one of the leading resources for determining the overall rank of a website. One of its best features is the fact that users can see the best websites in Pakistan, ranked globally and according to country. Some websites rank in the top 10 overall around the world, but there are always some unique ones that also make the cut.

There are a number of factors that go into defining a website’s ranking. Here are the 10 best websites in Pakistan according to Alexa at the start of 2017:

#1 –

Best Websites
Google is on top

This one was for sure. There is just no other search engine right now that can match the search processing power of Google and it remains on top of the list of best websites in Pakistan. Will there be any sort of real competition from Yahoo and Bing? Probably not anytime soon, but Pakistan continues to be a country with fast changing trends, especially when YouTube was recently banned (now accessible) by the government.

Such moves had given birth to numerous other services which thrived during that time and have become common names today as well.

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#2 –

Best Websites
No Alternative to YouTube

There is no better streaming service in Pakistan than YouTube. Pakistani users searched for numerous other alternatives during the ban of 2014 and 2015, but it is still impossible to conquer the popularity of YouTube in Pakistan.

Dailymotion became a highly viable choice for Pakistanis without a VPN to access YouTube. Unfortunately it just did not have the content to compete. This will become harder for competitors, especially since YouTube is also running multiple marketing campaigns specifically for Pakistan now.

In this ranking, is number two on the list of best websites in Pakistan.

#3 –

Best Websites
Top Social Media Channel

Pakistan can’t get enough of Facebook and Facebook can’t get enough of Pakistan. Especially since some top telecom providers are giving free access to basic features of Facebook on smartphones. According to latest statistics, there are over 25 million Pakistani Facebook users now in the country.

1/3rd of mobile users are on Facebook, meaning that there is still room for huge growth in Pakistan. This makes Facebook number three on the list of best websites in Pakistan.

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#4 –

Best Websites
Yahoo is very popular in Pakistan

No matter what, will still be popular amongst Pakistanis for years to come. Not only is there nostalgia associated with Yahoo, but the search engine and email service is very widely used in the country. Google and Gmail are quickly breaking this trend and have taken over, but millions still use Yahoo as their primary source for information. is still going strong and is number 4 on the list of 10 best websites in Pakistan.

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#5 –

Best Websites
UrduPoint is the top ranked Pakistani website made for Pakistan

This website is widely read by Pakistanis around the world. The biggest source of its traffic is Pakistan, obviously, but many from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, UK and USA also tune in regularly for the latest happenings in Pakistan in the Urdu language.

Urdupoint also claims to be the largest Urdu website in the world and we wouldn’t be surprised at that being true. According to their own stats, Urdupoint gets 4.2 million page views daily. This is truly amazing for sure.

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#6 –

Best Websites
Wikipedia is always useful for everyone

The free encyclopedia will forever remain a useful resource for anyone looking for anything around the world. It is globally ranked in at number 5 and is at the 6 number spot on our list of 10 best websites in Pakistan.

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 #7 –

Best Websites
JavedCh is also part of Express News

The website of popular column writer and news show host, Javed Chaudhry is highly popular in Pakistan. His columns are one of the most widely read and reputable in the country, which has given extreme popularity to his website as well. provides opinionated features and breaking news in Urdu for avid followers of the journalist.

It is number 7 on the 10 best websites in Pakistan list.

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#8 –

Best Websites
Blogger is an excellent platform for bloggers, now, is excellent for people wishing to step into the world of blogging. Especially since Google has now taken over its ownership and anything run by Google is always of excellent quality.

There are thousands of Pakistani blogs and Blogger is definitely one of the leading platforms for them. comes in at number 8 on our list of 10 best websites in Pakistan.

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#9 –

Best Websites is Pakistan’s largest online shopping potal, an initiative of Rocket Internet, has become the go-to online shopping portal for Pakistanis. The huge array of items and variety to choose from makes it an easy choice. Best of all, prices are also highly competitive and not bloated as seen by most other Pakistani shopping websites.

There is something for everyone on Daraz, but the website has really kicked off due to aggressive marketing by the company. is an excellent resource for online shopping in Pakistan, especially since EBay and Amazon do not operate here, making it number 9 on the 10 best websites in Pakistan.

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#10 –

Best Websites
A great resource for Pakistanis has been around for ages. The admins of this website have invested effort and time into consistency and really making a source for great information for millions of readers. The website covers a wide array of topics from breaking news, opinions, finance, religion and sports.

It is accessible in both English and Urdu. comes in at number 10 on our list of 10 best websites in Pakistan.

Most of the websites ranked the best in Pakistan are not those which were created by Pakistanis for Pakistan based readers. We will certainly do another feature on which websites were made by Pakistanis for a Pakistani audience.

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