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Cyber Europe 2020 is the sixth large-scale pan-european cyber exercise facilitated by the EU Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA). This year marks 10 years of cybersecurity exercises in Europe, a milestone for this unique initiative.

Keeping Europe safe is a shared responsibility. In this spirit the exercise aims to build cybersecurity capacities, strengthen EU cooperation and increase cybersecurity awareness and preparedness in the healthcare sector.

The participation to the exercise is open; if you are interested in getting involved you can find more information here:

For any question on the Cyber Europe 2020 exercise, please contact: [email protected]

Exercise Promotion:

We encourage our partners in the European Union, EFTA members, National Cybersecurity Authorities, private companies, European Commission and other EU bodies and Institutions such as CERT-EU, the European Council and Europol to join efforts on rolling out this one-off communications campaign by sharing, re-tweeting and re-publishing ENISA’s posts. All planners and participants are equally encouraged to post regularly regarding their own participation.

Contact Details:

For any question on the communications and press, please contact [email protected]

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