Smart earning: How to earn money using just a smartphone


UK internet use is now at an all-time high – and smartphones are the driving force behind that increase. According to Ofcom research, four-fifths (81%) of time spent online is on a mobile or tablet device. And smartphone tech continues to evolve with every new generation. Now, more things than ever can now be done from the palms of our hand – including making money.

On both iOS and Android devices, the huge range of available apps can unlock a lot of potential for earning (or supplementing) your income. From cupboard clear-outs to entrepreneurial ideas – there’s almost certainly an app to help you make money with your smartphone. And it’s likely to be much easier than you might think. The question is: what works best with your lifestyle?

Sell your new or second-hand products

It’s estimated that retail m-commerce sales in the UK will be worth £61.14 billion in 2020. This is being made possible by dedicated apps that let people to buy things from big brands or indie retailers with just a couple of taps. But it’s not a one-sided thing. You can sell your products on mobile too. Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Facebook Marketplace are just some examples of how.

Trade markets or manage investments

The latest smartphones pack a powerful computing punch compared with previous models. And it’s making more activities are now available to more people. Stock index, commodities or forex trading used to be the preserve of seasoned pros with desktop devices. Now, though, advanced apps mean you can execute trades in real-time – and make your money work for you.

Go into the gig economy

For people with spare time (and a mode of transport), the gig economy offers a wealth of fresh and exciting opportunities. It can either be a main source of income or a little extra on the side. But it can all be run from a smartphone. From online food delivery to taxing passengers to and from locations, digital platforms and mobile devices has fuelled a boom in this way of working.

You don’t actually need a mode of transport or be on the move either. You could rent out your room (or entire home) on digital holiday marketplaces like Airbnb or SpareRoom.

Share your opinion and receive rewards

One thing that every single person has is an opinion. From surveys to product testing, you can now find loads of companies who’ll reward you for your time and thoughts. With a smartphone, there’s no need to be in one place to answer a few questions on a specific subject or brand. It’s almost as simple as sending an instant message to a friend or family member too.

While these are just four suggestions for making money using your smartphone, they definitely aren’t the only means and methods. With the power you have in your pocket, the features and specs of modern mobile devices make so much more possible on the go. It goes for messaging, navigating, gaming and more – so it’s no surprise that it goes for earning an income too.


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