Martin Coyne presents CUBE at Interpol World in Singapore


The CUBE Vehicle Forensic team will be present at the INTERPOL World Conference in Singapore. The CUBE project has a long standing professional relationship with the INTERPOL General Secretariat in Lyon therefore we are proud to attend this very important event in Singapore and to contribute towards preventing vehicle crime with our CUBE technology. Martin Coyne of Digitpol presented the CUBE and its forensic capability along with experts from Launch Tech.

INTERPOL World is owned by INTERPOL and supported by Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs. The first INTERPOL World will take place in Singapore from 14-16 April 2015 and will be alongside the official opening of the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI) and the 22nd INTERPOL Asian Regional Conference.

INTERPOL World is a global co-creation opportunity which engages the public and private sectors in dialogue and fosters collaboration to counter future security and policing challenges. INTERPOL World comprises two interlinked activities: an exhibition that serves as a business and networking event for manufacturers, distributors, and Research and Development organizations to offer innovative products and cutting-edge technologies to public and private entities involved in law enforcement, security and likeminded industries; and a series of niche and targeted co-creation platforms for knowledge exchange culminating in a  strategic symposium to discuss the challenges and solutions for combating the crimes of the future. Police, public, security professionals and commercial buyers from around the world will convene in Singapore to forge mutually beneficial alliances leading to faster, more accurate responses to global security and public safety threats.

Photos credited to Interpol @Interpol


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