How to Handle the Stress of Working from Home


With the coronavirus pandemic showing no likely end in sight, and many states renewing business shutdowns and stay-at-home orders, it’s safe to say that, for many professionals, working from home will continue to be the norm for the foreseeable future. And while working from home can certainly come with its advantages – cheaper lunches, no workplace chatter to distract you, and best of all, no massive commute twice a day – it can also be a huge source of stress for many professionals.

Between screaming kids, your partner arguing with their coworkers over video conference, and the upstairs neighbor vacuuming while you’re trying to negotiate a deal with a client, it’s no wonder why many professionals working from home need some serious stress relief. Today, we’re talking all about what you need to know to keep a handle on stress and stay as productive as you can for the time you’re not in the office.

Keep it comfy – but change out of your PJs

Working from home means that you can leave your business casual attire happily tucked away in your closet – or at least you can while you’re not on a video call with an important business partner or your manager. However, that little perk can sometimes turn into a curse. That’s because far too many people simply stay in their PJ’s all day long, sunup to sundown, while working.

How does this bring on stress? When you’re in your PJ’s, you’re likely in relaxation mode. The soft cotton and flowy fabrics make it that much easier to simply lay back on the couch and take a little snooze if you feel like it. The problem is that, when you don’t separate your relaxation-brain from your work-brain, you can easily feel torn, anxious, and stressed.

Relaxation just isn’t as good when you’re still, in the back of your mind, thinking about that big budget assignment you’ve got to tackle. And it’s hard to get serious about handling your work obligations when you’re wearing fuzzy slippers and fleece pants.

Instead, keep it comfy and opt for cool lounge pants and a soft T-shirt. Sure, it’s not a full-on pair of slacks and a blazer, but just drawing a line between comfort and work time by changing up your wardrobe can go a long way to reduce stress.

Invest in the right supplements for your routine

Working from home can make it difficult to concentrate, and it can make it difficult to transition from working hours to at-home relaxation hours when the workday ends. To solve each of these issues, you can use a handy supplement that will help you stay focused when you need to, and not when you don’t.

  • In the morning, start with a nutrient-rich, naturally-caffeinated supplement like matcha green tea. The caffeine will help you wake up, shake the sleep from your mind, and get ready to focus on the day’s tasks. Plus, with a clean, anti-oxidant rich caffeine source like matcha, you don’t have to worry about the jittery feeling cheap coffee gives, or the yucky comedown-crash that inevitably happens later.
  • Once the workday is done, calm your nerves with an all-natural CBD tincture. Never heard of CBDfx tinctures? Essentially, it’s naturally occurring essence present in cannabis that is responsible for the herb’s relaxation effect. However, because CBD doesn’t include THC, you won’t also experience the dizzying high some don’t enjoy. It’s the perfect way to relax all-naturally, and without a high or hangover to worry about later.

Remember to give time to your personal life and hobbies

Working from home is great. But do you know what’s not great? Living at work. Sure, some managers may worry that their employees are using the work from home time for fun when they should be working.

But the reality is actually the opposite: far too many employees have let work bleed completely into their at-home life, and now routinely check emails before bed, or draft a memo while cooking dinner, or code while enjoying a movie with family. This is a massive source of stress. In order to avoid it, remember to turn off your laptop when the workday is over, and give full time and attention to your personal life, your family, and your hobbies once your work for the day is done. Working from home can be great, and with the right stress mitigation techniques, you’ll make it through the coronavirus pandemic productive as ever


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