From Tech to Partitioning – The Key Considerations for Your Office Space


Let’s face facts; creating a functional office space with the optimal level of occupancy should be a central goal for all businesses, particularly when you consider how this impacts on productivity and cost management respectively.

This applies whether you’re planning on remodelling your existing workspace or relocating to a brand-new office, while it’s also important to constantly review your working environment to ensure that you’re operating to your maximum potential.

In this post, we’ll look at the key considerations when fitting out your office space or looking to relocate, while asking how you can guarantee a seamless and effective transition?

Tech and IT – Relocating Your Hardware and Equipment

If you do choose to relocate, one of your biggest priorities should be to successfully transfer all electrical equipment and IT services with optimal efficiency.

This involved a number of different steps of varying complexity, particularly when it comes to relocating desktops. For example, each of your employees’ setups will be unique in this respect, both in terms of the screen equipment that they use and their configurations.

Before moving, you’ll therefore have to audit individual setups and potentially recommission equipment so that’s ready for use in your new office, before connecting desktops to a new network infrastructure. Make no mistake; these systems often host huge swathes of sensitive data, so we’d recommend using CTC-cleared engineers to oversee this process.

Servers also need to be relocated safely and securely, with a focus on minimising downtime and ensuring that employees can hit the ground running once the relocation process has been completed.

Maintaining Open Lines of Communication

On a similar note, you’ll need to be proactive and allow ample time for your company’s phone systems and Internet connections to be established at the new location.

This can be challenging in terms of timings, whether you utilise a new service provider or remain loyal to your existing one.

Regardless, the key focus is to ensure that connectivity isn’t lost in the transition between offices, so it’s important to test the new set-up in detail before employees arrive to recommence work.

This type of proactive outlook will enable you to diagnose, test and repair any operational issues ahead of time, while also identifying opportunities to see how increased demand impacts on the new or altered broadband connection.

On a final note, remember to ensure that your existing telephone number remains valid following a relocation.

Of course, this will definitely be the case if you possess an 0800 or 0845 number, while changing your number can incur a cost and must be communicated clearly across both social channels and Google listings.

To Partition or Not to Partition

No office fit out is identical to another, so if you do invest in a refurbishment, you’ll need to tailor the work to suit your business and unique circumstances.

This may also require you to work alongside an established industry expert, and one that provide a comprehensive overview of design, ergonomics and optimal occupancy.

This type also provides an omnipresent on-site presence, which will oversee all works and liaise closely with quantity surveyors on a daily basis where required.

Another key consideration here is whether or not to partition your workspace, as this actually offers a number of benefits to business-owners and employees alike. More specifically, glass partitions can be used to introduce a flow of natural light into the office, while also creating designated areas for alternative functions.

Office partitioning in Scotland is particularly popular, as this helps to optimise productivity while also making the most of the floor space at your disposal and driving collaboration between teams.

Of course, this is the type of consideration that can be discussed with your carefully chosen expert, as you look to make the most of your budget and optimise the human return on your investment.