Ford adds new word to the pickup lexicon: “kilotorque”


There’s a new word in the always-colorful lexicon of Detroit’s pickup wars: kilotorque.

Just as a kilometer is 1,000 meters, a kilotorque is four digits worth of, er, torques. One thousand pound-feet of torque, actually — a milestone that Ram hit this year with its latest EcoDiesel heavy-duty pickups and that Ford has now exceeded with the diesel-powered version of the 2020 F-series Super Duty.

Ford was so excited about besting Ram that it decided to make up a word to describe the achievement.

“We’re excited to be in the nation’s largest truck market at the State Fair of Texas announcing we’ve surpassed the kilotorque barrier and made it standard with every pickup truck featuring a Power Stroke diesel engine,” Mike Pruitt, the Super Duty’s chief engineer, said in Ford’s news release last week.

Neither Merriam-Webster nor the Oxford English Dictionary could vouch for “kilotorque,” and a search of Twitter located exactly one use of the word — by none other than Mike Levine, Ford’s head of North American product communications, bragging about the Super Duty last week.

Tweeted Levine, to his 6.9 kilofollowers: “Three great accomplishments in human history: Chuck Yeager breaking the sound barrier, Neil Armstrong walking on the moon and Ford busting through the HD pickup kilotorque barrier! 1.05 kilotorques!! BAM!”

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