Five signs your employees are engaged


You know that having a team of engaged employees is essential if you want to have a successful business. You have heard how you need it to make sure your brand can achieve its goals and become a market leader – but what does that look like within your company environment?

Knowing what you need to achieve is one thing but knowing what employee engagement looks like is another. You should recognise the signs of what this is so you can see when you are doing it right – and when you are not. These are only some of the indicators you need to look out for to identify an engaged workforce, so see if these apply to your staff.

Better performance

An engaged employee is enthusiastic about their work and will find joy in carrying out their day-to-day responsibilities. They will go the extra mile to complete their task when your employee feels they are in the job that is right for them.

This means that you will see a high performance from your employees and increased engagement. A rise in engagement indicates that your staff are satisfied, and their morale is high – which then leads to your workforce having enhanced performance.

Good decision-making skills

An engaged employee will be decisive and will know how to make calls that will help your company. They can see the big picture and recognise how things need to work out.

They know their work may make or break your brand so, before carrying out a particular task, an engaged employee will tend to collect all the information they need. Once they see a task will benefit the company, they then decide to continue with it. They will also analyse a situation or problem and work on resolving it.

Effective communication

Employees who are engaged will communicate effectively so they can make the best use of their time. They will collaborate with colleagues and give clear information, so there is a smooth workflow. They will also listen to other people and respect their views.

There will be fewer conflicts and better productivity when there’s clear communication among employees because they understand their role and have a vision of what is required. This will boost morale and engagement in the long term. You can also ask what your teams think by using an employee engagement survey from, so you can identify any issues and measure how engaged your employees are.

Exceeding expectations

Those employees who are engaged will usually surpass the goals that were set for them, for instance. If you find yourself in the rare situation that your project does not quite go to plan, then your engaged staff will be the first to have a look at it and learn from it for any future work.

Positive development

You will not necessarily measure engagement with the number of hours that someone will be in the office – yet their behaviour when they are present will inform you about their attitude. Are they excited when they get to learn new skills? Do they look out for courses, conferences, or workshops to help them improve? Employees will want to learn and grow if they are engaged.