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Fierce Nature Skincare

As a result of her love for nature, Catherine Farrant founded a unique business. The South African-born businesswoman started Fierce Nature, a skincare company.

Skin rashes and other skin problems plagued her throughout her childhood and adolescence. But, she had no idea why she suffered from these afflictions and maladies. As a result, popular cosmetic and skincare brands caught Catherine her attention.

Catherine made a keen discovery years ago. Without a doubt, beauty and skincare companies make misleading promises to unwary customers. During this time, she uncovered an ugly secret. The products of these well-known companies contain harsh chemicals.

The products, hidden under enticing packaging, contain harmful and unnatural chemicals. Each day, the brands sell their products without any opposition. Even though the brands make claims, more and more consumers buy them. As a result, many consumers buy inferior cosmetics to enhance their appearance.

Fierce Nature uses a little-known ingredient to keep a fresh and young appearance. And the natural ingredient may shock you. It is revolutionizing the way to make top-notch skin care products. That secret ingredient is tallow (also known as fat).

Creamy lather made with fat may not be an obvious solution as a beauty treatment. But the use of fat is not a new concept. In fact, many people have used fat for generations. Furthermore, it is a 100% natural and chemical-free solution for skincare. That is why Fierce Nature has added fat to its line of high-quality skincare products.

Here are Some Facts about Tallow:

1. Because animal fat aids in fighting bacteria and germs, tallow is a safe as an ingredient.

2. Helps the skin grow back so that it looks better and younger.

3. In fat, stearic acid fosters repairing damaged skin. And it improves the flexibility and suppleness of the skin.

4. In tallow, A, K, and E are fat-soluble vitamins that help your body store fat.

5. Oleic acid (omega 9) helps other ingredients get deep into the cells of the skin.

6. Palmitoleic acid (omega 7) is one of the building blocks of our skin.

7. Tallow contains palmitic acid, which boosts the skin’s ability to protect itself.

Fierce Nature: a Unique Line of Skincare Solutions

Anti-aging, cosmetics, and beauty products are in high demand.
The cosmetics sector generates more than $60 billion in revenue every year. Today, Catherine’s brand Fierce Nature sells non-toxic, tallow-based skincare products.

As a result, Fierce Nature manufactures skincare products based on pure organic tallow. That is why the skincare brand does not use tallow treated with any chemicals. Catherine believes that skincare products must not contain abrasive or harsh chemicals.

For your skin type, consider the following recommended balms, contour sticks, and soaps:

Body Balms by Fierce Nature:

Fierce Nature makes everyday balms with natural fat. For people of all ages can use the brand’s product. Moreover, Fierce Nature’s body balms are ideal for everyday use. And it the body balms are safe to use on the body, face, and lips.

The skincare brand blends the balm until the mixture has a light and fluffy texture. When applied to your skin, the body balm feels like butter and leaves a silky finish. Nourish and pamper your skin. Besides, with natural fat, you are providing your skin with the most natural form of Vitamins A, D, E, and K available.

Selfie Sticks by Fierce Nature:

A Selfie Stick is a smart way to enhance your face. Fierce Nature has designed a natural contour stick that is free of chemicals. And you can use a “Selfie Stick” anytime to freshen and nourish your skin. Each Selfie Stick consists of natural and non-toxic ingredients.

With no aroma and a high concentration of pure organic tallow, you can use this creamy balm every day. And you can use a Selfie Stick on the go or whenever your skin needs attention and extra care.

Soaps by Fierce Nature:

Fierce Nature’s soaps are suitable for use on the face, hands, and body. And they produce a rich lather in both warm and cold water. As an all-natural soap, Fierce Nature’s soaps restore the skin’s natural pH balance.

Fierce Nature hand-crafts each bar of soap. The skincare brand uses only the purest and most organic fat and lye to make the best soaps. Moreover, the natural soaps are antimicrobial. And they are 100 percent biodegradable, friendly to the planet. Moreover, their rating is greywater safe.

Skincare Bundle by Fierce Nature

With the ultimate skin food bundle, you can nourish and renew your skin from head to toe. Try Fierce Nature’s nourish balm, selfie stick, and pure organic tallow soap. They are among the best skincare solutions you will find online.

Fierce Nature sells all-natural and non-toxic skincare products that cleanse your skin well. Give any special person whom you admire and respect this gift package!

Shop Fierce Nature Online Store:

Through her online store, she sells various products in the UK. At (, Fierce Nature sells premium skincare products. Each of the products consists of natural ingredients. And many customers love Fierce Nature’s products due to their therapeutic effects.


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