Digitpol tests aftermarket self drive application on Dutch roads using Eyecam and AI


Digitpol, A cybercrime investigation firm based in Hong Kong and Europe has begun testing the first of a kind, self-drive car application which can be fitted to any vehicle manufactured from 2013. The system integrates onto the CAN BUS network and communicates with the vehicles on board computers, using a smart camera system and the built in system the system can navigate the vehicle in cites and on highways. The testing is done in accordance with the government and requires a route plan and logs of the testing, a driver is in the car at all times and can take control instantly. The application can control the vehicle to stop, steer, slow down and accelerate.

Digitpol has a keen interest in the Automotive sector since 2013 when it first developed a tool to read out crash data known as the CUBE. Digitpol’s CEO, Martin Coyne told that the “self drive aftermarket” system is ideal for city driving with alot of stops and starts, traffic and highway driving. The emergency alerts and driver assistance for older vehicles will reduce accidents.

Similar companies such as Waymo One are testing similar technology, according to their site, In late September, a Waymo spokeswoman told Ars by email that the Phoenix service would be fully driverless and open to members of the public.

We now know that Waymo One won’t be fully driverless; there will be a driver in the driver’s seat. And Waymo One is open to the public in only the narrowest, most technical sense: initially it will only be available to early riders—the same people who have been participating in Waymo’s test program for months.

This seems to be the latest sign that Waymo’s technology is progressing more slowly than a lot of people expected—including Waymo’s own leadership a year ago. People who have observed Waymo’s vehicles on public roads in recent months report that the cars still struggle with unprotected left turns, merges, and other tricky situations.

Digitpol expects to launch its self driving technology for consumers in early 2019.

About Digitpol

Digitpol is one of the world’s leading providers of risk and Investigation services. Digitpol operates in Hong Kong & Europe with head offices in Central Hong Kong and The Netherlands.

More information about Digitpol can be found at https://digitpol.com 



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