Criticizes Apple for not giving access to Pensacola shooter’s phones


The president Donald Trump criticizes her Apple because of the company refuses to unlock the criminals’ phones despite asking for it government.

This issue has arisen within one research on the shooting and death of three Americans by a Saudi Air Force officer at Pensacola of Florida. The prosecutor described the incident as a “terrorist act”.

Authorities have again clashed with big tech companies like Apple and Apple Facebook, on privacy.

The companies claim to be trying to protect personal data and the privacy of users and therefore use them strong encryption. On the other hand, h police argues that criminals often leverage technology for their ‘dirty’ jobs and to avoid justice. For this reason asks companies to allow access to their accounts and data. Especially when it comes to serious crimes.

Ο Trump spoke harshly about Apple

“We’re constantly helping Apple commercially and many other issues, and yet refuses to unlock the phones used by assassins, drug dealers and other criminal elements, “the president said. USA on Twitter. “They should help our country NOW!” He said.

Apple, for its part, said that cannot access data on an iPhone that is encrypted with a password. To do this he must create a “backdoor». What the company can (and already does) do is hand over to police data stored in the cloud servers, which usually include backups of iPhones, iMessages, etc.

Apple did not comment on Trump’s tweet, but said it did does not accept that the company does not provide significant assistance when it can.

On Monday, Apple was asked to help the FBI unlock two iPhones involved in the Pensacola case.

Apple said that since December (since the incident happened), it has responded to seven requests by federal investigators.

The company said that provided “many gigabytes” of data to researchers (iCloud backups, account information and other data). Apple said the FBI had not sought help accessing the phones until January 6. The first request was then made and the second on 8 January.

A spokesman for the Justice Ministry emphasizes that Apple must allow access to criminals’ phones.

On the other hand, the US Civil Liberties Union characterized Trump’s request “dangerous and unconstitutional“And said it undermines the security of millions of iPhones.

“There is no way Apple or any other company can provide to FBI access to encrypted communications without providing it to foreign governments, which will weaken our defenses against criminals and hackers, ”the agency said.

The Wall Street Journal said Monday that Appliances The Pensacola shooter used to be older iPhone 5 and iPhone 7. Many other companies would be willing to break it.

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