Certified Pros of Polarized Sunglasses You Must Know


Ever wondered while shopping for glasses, why do you have to pay extra for polarized sunglasses? Do polarized sunglasses give extra protection to the eyes or they are just another marketing strategy of the eyewear industry?  Or you are one of those who have you never paid attention to the price difference? 

Things to Know about Polarized Sunglasses

  •   Polarized sunglasses are specially designed sunglasses to reduce glare from sunlight that is reflected off shiny or smooth surfaces like water or glass.
  •  These lenses are equipped with a technology that filters almost 99% of the glare that is created by the light waves from the sun.
  •  With a laminated filter that permits only straight-up oriented light to pass through, polarized sunglasses block the parallel oriented light so that glare is almost eradicated.
  •  It comes in two colours, mainly brown and grey but, it also depends on the manufacturer as to which colour he wants to sell them in.

 Proven Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses

1.      Improved Clarity and Contrast

By filtering away the horizontal light waves, polarized sunglasses make viewing things easier with enhanced colour contrast. The colour contrast improves, thus improving the vision clarity.

2.      Visual Comfort increases

By blocking glare, polarized sunglasses help improve visual comfort. Being outdoors does not cause as much strain to eyes as compared to wearing cheap glasses without the polarized effect.

3.      Smooth Underwater Experience

If you have encountered water sports lovers with sunglasses then the sunglasses you saw were probably polarized. These glasses help in seeing clearly what under the water by avoiding light reflections.

4.      Good for Everyone

Polarized sunglasses can be used by everyone to avoid glare as these are recommended by the opticians. Enjoying a bright sunny day becomes easier with them as the risk of eye damage caused by UVA and UVB rays is very low. Even people with a prescription can buy polarized prescription sunglasses for their better well-being.

5.      Work Well in snowy areas

Snow reflects light that causes glare making polarized sunglasses a necessity in winter months of the year. In places where it snows heavily, polarised sunglasses are a must-have as they reduce snow glare which is also almost blinding on bright sunny days. 

6.      Recommended While Driving

Drivers should make it a point to wear polarized sunglasses while driving to avoid the light reflected from highlights and light reflected from water surfaces. It makes driving a much more comfortable experience by providing protection from UV rays, thus reducing eye strain.  

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