Call for Expression of Interest – eHealth Security Experts Group


The EU Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) eHealth Security Experts Group is the second iteration of the expert group focusing in the healthcare sector, initially created in 2015. The creation of this Experts Group aims at gathering experts from the healthcare sector to exchange viewpoints and ideas on cybersecurity threats, challenges and solutions, as well as to support ENISA in its work in the sector.

Participants to the eHealth Security Experts Group shall contribute to enhancing the current level of cybersecurity knowledge in healthcare by sharing their expertise on current threats, challenges and solutions. The scope of the ENISA eHealth Security Experts Group covers the entire ecosystem of eHealth systems and services as well as their potential interdependencies with other sectors.

Experts with technical background expertise and direct exposure on one or more of the following are invited to apply:

  • Operators of eHealth systems and services (healthcare organisations, national eHealth service providers etc.) with responsibilities for cybersecurity in their organisations;
  • National competent authorities for eHealth/healthcare services;
  • Manufacturers or integrators of medical devices or healthcare information systems with a focus on cybersecurity;
  • Associations and not-for-profit organisations involved in eHealth security;
  • Relevant authorities, academia, standardisation bodies and policymakers directly involved in the above topics.

Additional information about the eHealth Security Experts Group, as well as a link to the registration form, is available in the eHealth Experts Group’s web page.


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