3 Methods To Improve Your Franchise Marketing Strategy


Do you find yourself running out of new marketing ideas for your franchise? Is your marketing stale, or failing to bring about the results you want?

Finding innovative ways to market your franchise can be challenging. Learn how to improve your franchise marketing strategy here.

1. Emphasize Quality

The quality of your content marketing strategy is vital. If your audience thinks you’re not willing to invest in quality marketing, they may start to doubt the value of your products and services.

How do you show the world that you’re invested in quality? Be sure to pick appropriate materials for your print communications, especially if they will go through the mail. Your digital marketing should also be professionally crafted, with the right colors and layout.

Pay attention to grammar, spelling, and formatting, as errors in these are instant turn-offs. If you plan to market on handheld devices, make sure your designs are formatted for mobile viewing.

Keep in mind that your online and offline franchise marketing has an impact on the whole company. Prospective franchisees may evaluate your marketing before they make decisions about investing in the company, for example.

If you don’t have time to make quality marketing materials on your own, hire a designer and copywriter to help you establish your brand.

2. Maximize Your Online Franchise Marketing

Most customers will go straight to your website before even making a phone call.

They will check prices, products, services, and other basic information, often comparing your company with others online. It’s important to show customers a quality website that is easy to navigate, or they may bounce.

Offer built-in marketing on your site by inviting them to join an email list, download a free e-book or gain something else of value. You can also use ad campaigns that generate franchise leads to draw more customers to your site.

An often overlooked idea is to participate vigorously in customer reviews. You may not think of customer reviews as a franchise marketing opportunity, but they’re a great way to promote your company. Win new fans by showing off your customer service skills and recommend products and services as you converse.

3. Stay Responsive

Most franchise marketing systems provide a framework that you can start with, but it’s up to you to customize it to meet your particular location.

After all, what is marketing strategy, if it’s not responsive to customer needs? It’s always wise to stay flexible and adapt to changes as they come up.

You can do this with customer surveys, customer service interactions, and direct conversations. It’s also helpful to follow trends in your industry and stay familiar with your local market characteristics.

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Franchise marketing can be easy to tackle if you emphasize quality and promote your business in a responsive way. We hope this article has inspired you to market your business successfully.

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