Getting a laptop isn’t as easy a choice to make as it seems. There is just so much to take into consideration when choosing out a laptop that most consumers are overwhelmed. Most people tend to stick with the more popular manufacturers, but I’ve seen the ZedAir laptop by i-Life floating around and thought it would be a good time to write about it.

A friend of mine the other day wanted to know if the ZedAir laptop was a good choice to make. He was looking for a budget laptop that would meet his needs. To point it out, he’s not a very advanced user and this laptop by i-Life is not suitable for higher-end users.

Why Not Stick to HP and Dell?

Personally, I tend to stick to the more renowned brands like HP and Dell. But there are so many different companies coming out nowadays that the variety is far more appealing now than ever before. Even going back a couple of years, you wouldn’t really see much of a difference in what two or three brand names had to offer.

The Apple Macbook is for a totally different segment of society and not a device which I personally can talk about. Even though I’ve become a huge Apple iPhone 7 Plus fan, I’m still sticking to Windows as my preferred OS for personal computers.

Now, you might be more of the adventurous type and want to try something new. I’m all for that. The biggest reason why I decided to write about the ZedAir laptop today is also because of the lack of any sort of reviews and opinions on the product. Most of the material out now can be labelled as biased and company generated, but I’m going to give you a completely honest opinion on the ZedAir laptop.

Surprisingly, I couldn’t even find any reviews on Amazon either. This shows that i-Life still has a long way to go before any concrete opinions are developed about the brand.

So, What’s All the Fuss Over the ZedAir Laptop About?

Zed Air Laptop
Seems to be Very Easy to Handle, but is it as Reliable?

For starters, the laptop by i-Life is available for USD $200 or even less in some markets. That is a fairly competitive price. Especially for users on a budget or just looking for something extremely basic.

It is very slim and light weight by coming in at 1.53 KGs and 16.2 mm thick. Its powered by Windows 10 and an Intel 1.8 Ghz Quad Core processor. I can say right away that the battery performance of this laptop is going to be great. I-Life does claim that it can go up to 8 hours on a single charge. Not really “all day” as mentioned on their website, but still decent for the price.

The downside in my opinion is the 32 GB memory, which is an SSD by the way. I have a 256 GB iPhone 7 Plus, so 32 GBs on a laptop isn’t going to do very much for me. I also don’t like using memory cards due to their reliability issues. But, there is an expansion slot which allows you to increase the memory up to 64 GBs.

i-Life’s ZedAir also supposedly comes with stereo speakers and “Speed-Boosted Wireless Networking”. Don’t really know what that is or how it works, but could be a thing.

What’s the Conclusion?

Zed Air Laptop
As You Can See, the ZedAir has a 10,000 mAh Battery unlike Cell Based Batteries for Traditional Laptops

For those on a serious budget and looking for very basic functionality, the i-Life ZedAir would not be a bad choice. Of course there are tons of laptops out there with better features for slightly higher prices, but that depends again on how much you’re willing to spend. Whoopeyae has a video review on YouTube of the product if you’re looking for a closer look at the ZedAir.

All I can say about the ZedAir laptop is that it is more like a phablet with a keyboard and not a full featured laptop. Still, it is hard beating the price and could be as good choice for novice users.

If you have had any experience using the ZedAir laptop by i-Life, share your thoughts with the rest of us in the comments section below. You could also give us your take on it and I’ll surely reply to any queries you may have.