WhatsApp has become the preferred choice for communication for most people around the globe. Not only is WhatsApp the preferred method, but rather, has become essential for easily and effectively conversing with one person or a number of people at a time. Make sure you know all of the latest WhatsApp features to increase usage quality with anyone around the world.

There is a very limited amount of options which can compete with the functionality of WhatsApp, especially after Facebook acquired it not so long ago. With the coming months, there are a number of improvements expected to be added to WhatsApp. But, I’m pretty sure you don’t even know about the ones we’re going to talk about right now.

Let’s skip right to it and discuss some of the great WhatsApp features which most of the people out there are probably unaware of.

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The Best WhatsApp Features Update: Increased Sharing Limit

WhatsApp Features

This one was required for quite a while now. Limited to sending 10 of anything was quite annoying and while it hasn’t been upgraded to an unlimited amount just yet, users will get a ton of more freedom with now being able to send up to 30 files.

Reportedly, some users are still experiencing a limitation of just 10 files, while others who have received the update can go up to 30. Let’s see in the coming days if this remains an issue or not, but we are certainly grateful for it.

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Useful for Group Chats: Replying to Specific Users

WhatsApp Features

Imagine how you are able to reply to specific comments and users on Facebook. Well you now have the ability to do the same on WhatsApp. This was probably most needed in group chats where numerous people would be discussing something at the same time and it would be hard to direct your reply at any single individual.

Fear not. That time is over. Now, just tap and hold the message of the person you want to directly reply to and tap the “reply” button. Even easier is the ability to tag that person in a group chat by using “@” followed by the user’s name as we are able to do on Facebook.

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More Privacy: Discretely Listen to Voice Notes

WhatsApp Features

Before, everyone used to think twice about listening to a voice note on their mobile phone speaker. Yes, we all have our very different and unique reasons for that voice message not to be heard by those around us and more power to you all.

Finally, WhatsApp decided to do something about that and on the list of these new WhatsApp features, this is by far the most creative one. When you are about to listen to a voice note, don’t just tap play and quickly turn the volume down as you normally would. Instead, now you can hit play and move the phone towards your ear, which will play the voice note only in the internal speaker used to listen to a call. (By the way, we have tested this and it absolutely works.)

Great, huh?

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Better Security: Two-Step WhatsApp Verification

WhatsApp Features

I have been using two-step verification for my Gmail account. Trust me, if you have ever been hacked, this method of signing in is not only absolutely necessary but actually is the best method of defence.

The latest WhatsApp features now allow you to do the same. Luckily, this feature doesn’t mean you will have to sign-in every time you want to use WhatsApp, instead, it is quite an innovative security trick. The two-step verification will be applied the next time you reinstall WhatsApp on a different device during the time of your phone number verification.

Great for those of you who constantly change phones and are prone to losing your numbers.

Enabling the two-step verification is pretty simple. Head over to Settings on WhatsApp, go into your account and follow the instructions on the two-step verification option.

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Well, most of you might have already known of these features and that’s great. Unfortunately, the less WhatsApp oriented people like me out there had no clue until just recently. There is still a whole lot of room for improvement and we hope WhatsApp keeps making the app better and better with time.