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Instant messaging service, WhatsApp, has taken the world by storm. It was worth so much in the eyes of the world’s largest social media network, Facebook, that it paid $19 billion for the app back in 2014. Ever since then, Facebook has been seeking out ways to monetize the app and make into a major revenue generating source for the company. Now, there’s a way and it’s called WhatsApp Business.

With over a billion active users, there is no service that compares to the audience, features and pace of growth of WhatsApp. Instead of placing ads and sponsored content on WhatsApp for the general user, Facebook announced back in September of 2017 that WhatsApp Business would be the new face of its monetization efforts.

Luckily, people using WhatsApp and even small to medium sized business won’t be charged in any way for continuing to use WhatsApp. Instead, WhatsApp Business will most likely be seeking out revenue from enterprise users and larger clientele.

In a latest post on the WhatsApp official website, new details about WhatsApp Business surfaced and indicated that there could be a global launch in the days to come.

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What Would be New in WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business

Unlike the normal WhatsApp we use on a daily basis, WhatsApp Business will allow businesses and organizations to have an official presence on the instant messaging service. This would mean instead of having to use private numbers and people to be the face of that business, companies can now use a branded profile.

From having a business profile to chat migration, auto responses and analytics, WhatsApp Business will bring about a ton of new features which are not yet seen in the normal version of the app. It will also be a standalone app in the Apple and Google app stores for businesses to use besides their normal WhatsApp.

Business Profile

Businesses using WhatsApp for business would be able to setup an entirely separate account for their official presence on the app. This will give organizations the ability to add pictures, an address, contact details, a website and more to make your presence as official as possible and easy for your clients to reach you at.

These profiles will be verified with a green checkmark badge, confirmed contact numbers with a gray checkmark badge and show customers that this is a business account.

Chat Migration

A lot of businesses and brands are already using WhatsApp quite heavily in order to maintain contact with their customers. With chat migration in WhatsApp Business, you will be able to transfer all of your chats, history and other settings over from your current WhatsApp profile to the newly created WhatsApp Business one.

If you choose to keep the same phone number for the WhatsApp Business profile, you will have to delete the old WhatsApp profile as one number cannot be used for more than one profile.

Auto Responses

Similar to what businesses and pages can do on Facebook, WhatsApp Business will also have the feature of auto responses to send to customers out of normal working hours. This can also be done during business hours or at various timings depending on your personalized settings to keep multiple customers at bay till you are able to reach out to them directly.

Analytics for WhatsApp

The ability to monitor, observe and improve on your WhatsApp Business interactions will now be possible with Analytics being introduced for the first time in the app. Thigs like message times, messages sent, received, read and delivered along with other interactions to give you the complete picture.

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business will allow you to use both the normal version of the app and the new business version on the same device, on two separate devices and with a registered landline number as well. The only requirement will be that one phone number should not be registered with more than one profile.

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