Samsung Galaxy S8 Preorders
Source: Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy S8 preorders were set to be a test for the South Korean smartphone giant as it was coming off an awfully bad year of mishaps and accidents. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was the biggest mess up in Samsung’s recent history and the S8’s demand would be the only way to tell how strong people were going to react.

Amazingly, it seems as if Samsung has avoided a nightmare of a situation and could not be more ecstatic to announce the insurmountable success of Samsung Galaxy S8 preorders. Sources have claimed that preorders of Samsung’s latest flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S8, have surpassed S7 preorders by a minimum of 30%.

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Samsung Galaxy S8+ to Outdo the S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 Preorders
Source: Samsung

Whoever is going to be flushing out that much cash (Approx. USD $1000 in some markets) for Samsung’s latest flagship device is not going to be looking for the second in line. They’ll be looking to grab the best they can get their hands on and by far, the Samsung Galaxy S8+ stands out as the clear winner.

Experts are expecting the Samsung Galaxy S8+ to outdo the S8, not by far, but a sustainable margin should keep the two separated in terms of sales.

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 Shipping Has Begun

Samsung Galaxy S8 Preorders
Source: Samsung

In markets like the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and South Korea, Samsung had already begun taking preorders a little less than a month ago. After a few initial hiccups which were identified as being bugs, Samsung is reported to now begin shipping and should be in full force by the start of May 2017.

Most countries will see a price tag of $725 for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and $825 for the S8+. The S8 is already quite big with a display size of 5.8 inches, but the true gem will be the 6.2-inch S8+.

Some South Korean customers have already managed to get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy S8. After initial shipments, some discovered that the S8 had more of a reddish tint on the screen than any mobile should ever have. Samsung has taken notice of the issue and will be issuing an update to resolve the problem. Hopefully that’s the only problem the Samsung Galaxy S8 will have.

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Could the Samsung Galaxy S8 Preorders Popularity Hit Apple?

Samsung Galaxy S8 Preorders
Source: pixabay

2016 was great for Apple. The iPhone 7 didn’t really wow the world, but became the best alternative for an exploding Note 7. Apple managed to take full advantage of Samsung’s bad luck, but will have to think twice this time around. Samsung is in no mood to let its customers down twice in a row and could bring on a tough fight for the Apple iPhone 8.

Apple is reportedly facing some issues in integrating the fingerprint scanner into the mobile phone’s display and may have to put off the launch till October or even November of this year. The later Apple uncovers their 2017 flagship; the more customers Samsung will manage to retain and continue reeling in.

Some markets like India, Pakistan and Europe will have to wait a little longer, but are able to book Samsung Galaxy S8 preorders through various third-party vendors. Market prices may vary, but I expect customers to face a price crisis like is usually the case with Apple mobile phones.

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