For Samsung, it would have been better if the world skipped 2016 and jumped straight into 2017. Knowing that it isn’t possible, Samsung would like for people to at least forget what happened this last year. With rumours heating up, is the Smartphone giant looking towards Apple for answers to its next Samsung Galaxy S8?

With Samsung having lost a flagship contender in the last half of 2016, consumers worldwide have their eyes set on the next high-end release. The Note series has been killed off after an embarrassing mishap with the Note 7. Let’s hope that Samsung will not skip over too many things with future releases.

Apple iPhone an Inspiration for Samsung Galaxy S8

Like every year, 2017’s release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is being treated like a revolution for the smartphone market. Some features which are expected on the new Galaxy S8 almost sound too good to be true. There is usually a lack of most features which pundits predict, but knowing Samsung needs to make a major comeback, seeing things out of the ordinary just might be necessary.

Samsung will undoubtedly be sticking to Android. There is no question about that. Where the smartphone maker is supposedly gaining some inspiration is from the iconic Apple iPhone. The feel and productivity of iOS on the iPhone is still something Samsung is struggling to match. Each Galaxy and Note series phone required much higher specs just to meet the performance of Apple’s smartphones. Android’s compatibility with hardware is to blame here.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a device which Samsung hopes to make to truly test the performance of an Apple iPhone. There may even be a new assistant on the future Samsung flagship smartphone to seriously compete with Siri. The Google Assistant introduced in the Pixel series by Google is a good base to start off with, but still needs a ton of work to get anywhere near Siri’s capabilities.

Different Variants

What to Expect from Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Will Stay in The Dark Till It Retakes the Smartphone Title

Skeptics are hoping that there will be a ‘real’ variety of variants with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Instead of just having a normal and edge version of the smartphone, it is time to take things bigger. Like literally, bigger. For the first time in a number of years, Samsung does not have phablet to compete with the iPhone 7 Plus, Google Pixel XL and others.

There may be a larger variant of the Samsung Galaxy S8, along with the regular sized one. Unfortunately, this is yet to be confirmed by the South Korean company. I personally don’t think that Samsung would be in the mood to really do so, since it would force an opinion of copying Apple in every aspect. It would be best for Samsung to avoid anything like that for the time being.

Instead, there needs to be a relaunch of the Note series. It can be called anything else, but separation from the S-series is ideal for consumers. Not every Android fan who loved the Note series liked other Samsung models.

Need to Invest Time on The Samsung Galaxy S8

What to Expect from Samsung Galaxy S8
Nothing Beat the Apple iPhone in 2016

Learning from previous mistakes is what Samsung needs to focus on at the moment. There is no rush and certainly no need to again push out a device which isn’t ready. Making another mistake similar to the Note 7 with the Samsung Galaxy S8, will definitely make a rebound near to impossible.

There is just too much going on in the smartphone market and consumers are not willing to take as many risks anymore.

Within the next couple of months, the situation about the Samsung Galaxy S8 will become much clearer. I’ll keep you all updated on this.

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