Latest reports from a Japanese blog are citing a Barclays analyst in saying that Apple is expected to be launching a new red iPhone 7 colour and a redesigned iPad as soon as next month (March 2017). If this news is to be believed, the iPhone SE is also supposedly getting an upgrade and will be shipping with an extended memory option of 128 GB.

There is no confirmation whether or not the new iPhone 7 colour option has anything to do with the bad performance of Jet Black and Matte Black. This certainly may be the case ever since the Jet Black colour performed horribly under long-term use and recent revelations by some consumers that the Matte Black version also easily chips off. For one of the most expensive mobile phones out there, this is seriously some bad news.

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It is pretty surprising to see Apple not being able to deliver a solid phone, year after year. It all started with the ‘touch disease’ of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, battery drain issue of the Apple iPhone 6S and when nothing else was left, the paint chipping off and easily being scratched on the Apple iPhone 7.

A red iPhone would mean an addition to five colours which are currently available for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. This will certainly not be the first time that Apple released an iPhone with a red colour option, with the iPhone 5c being the last to receive it. What is different this time around is the fact that the iPhone 5c had a plastic body and the iPhone 7 will get the red colour in a more premium feel.

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Red iPhone, Cool. How About a New iPad Pro?

red iPhone


In regards to what will happen with the iPad, rumours are that there will be a new addition of a 10.5-inch model to the Pro series. Currently in the iPad Pro line-up, there are the 7.9, 9.7 and 12.9-inch variations available. What may be different with the new addition is the screen being extending to cover more of the iPad Pro’s surface. This may be a way for iPad to experiment with the results of such a redesign, instead of fully revolutionising their entire product range later on in the year.

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A red iPhone 7 may boost sales for the device as some consumers are already awaiting the iPhone 8. Until then, Apple will continue to introduce upgrades, but a iPhone 7S should not be expected this year.