Asia is a different story altogether when it comes to talking about the smartphone market. Unlike the United States, Canada and Europe, China and other Asian countries have some major competition. Apple and Samsung are finding it tough to stay atop, despite their far-reaching brand recognition. This is where Oppo comes in.

Also unlike many other countries, Asian nations are more open to trying newer brands. The idea of giving another brand a chance based on value for money is quite common. North America and Europe are more focused on brand quality and their loyalty to it.

Oppo Domination in China

A report by research firm Counterpoint Technology Market Research shows that Oppo was leading the massive Chinese smartphone market with a huge 22.9 percent share. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer has really been pushing hard since the start of 2016, reaping the benefits as others slow down.

Not only in China has Oppo succeeded in taking on major brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi, but is doing well in countries like Pakistan and India as well. This comes as a test for the other more established names, which are relying on current brand power to stay on top. For Apple – in 2016 alone – the US based smartphone maker managed to retain just 11 percent of the consumer following.

When you take a look at what Oppo is doing right, it is easy to see what others are doing wrong. Oppo has managed to reach out to the segment, especially in China, which has usually been left out of the mainstream advertising. This market is a majority of the population, but just not as well targeted for higher end products. Some even regard them as “offline users”. Oppo has taken advantage of the situation and has seen a powerful growth in brand power. This has been witnessed around China and South Asia during the recent months.

How Do They Perform on Facebook?

Just a small example of the sort of outreach Oppo has managed in a country, let’s say, like Pakistan is on Facebook. Oppo’s Facebook page for Pakistani consumers has over 18 million likes. Samsung Pakistan has just 2.3 million. That isn’t even a minor difference, it is huge! The difference is nearly the same for the Indian Facebook pages of each company too.

Oppo Dominating Asian Market over Apple and Samsung
Oppo Pakistan Facebook Page


Apple on the other hand, Doesn’t even have an official Facebook page for the huge Pakistani market.

Oppo Dominating Asian Market over Apple and Samsung
Samsung Pakistan Facebook Page

Brand recognition and penetration is a continuous process. Having reached a plateau should not mean that you stop trying to establish outreach and focus less on consumer engagement. Oppo has a strong user experience attached to the brand in the parts of the world it is focusing on capturing. Samsung and Apple can be said to be stuck on a divine level, which is slowly growing the distance between them and the masses.

The Chinese market and other Asian countries are quite similar in their smartphone purchasing habits. A focus on features for the price instead of all the story telling that a brand like Samsung pushes. Buyers just want the value for their money that they expect and not a phone that will explode in their pockets. How hard can that be to do? I’m not so sure about this one Samsung.

What is your take on Oppo’s domination of these Asian markets? Let us know what you think and we’ll be sure to take it into consideration.

Main Photo Credit: TechStage OPPO R7s via photopin (license)