Google Ventures Company KeepTruckin may be opening up a new office location in Lahore, Pakistan in the days to come. Sources close to have revealed that the startup, which has its corporate headquarters in San Francisco, California and offshore office in Islamabad, Pakistan, is looking to make the move this year.

Information, which was gathered from credible sources tell us about how the company may be making the move to gather more talent and resources as it looks to expand its operations. Currently, the KeepTruckin setup in Islamabad in one of the main commercial hubs of the city, but finding the talent required to further on operations hasn’t been all that easy of a task.

Lahore is the hub of offshoring and outsourcing to Pakistan. Some of the country’s largest BPOs such as TRG, Ovex and many others currently have their main offshore offices situated here. TRG has thousands of employees in Lahore alone which are working solely on international projects and campaigns. KeepTruckin could be the next big competitor in the race to acquire the best talent, capable of working with the target market in the United States.

What is KeepTruckin?

KeepTruckin is basically a startup app which works with truck drivers and fleet managers in the United States.

Through the use of an App, Electronic Logging Device (ELD) and GPS, the KeepTruckin app is able to provide truck drivers and fleet managers with necessary information which makes their operations hassle-free. Especially since the ELD mandate has become mandatory in the United States as of December 18, 2017 by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Increased Job Opportunities in Lahore if KeepTruckin Makes the Move

There is no specific timeline as of yet of when KeepTruckin will officially be making the move and where they may be situated in Lahore. Whenever it does happen, the people of Lahore will definitely get a boost in job opportunities, especially higher paying ones.

BPOs in Pakistan have not always been paying as well as they should, especially in cities like Lahore and Karachi. But according to our sources, the pay structure of KeepTruckin is quite up there in regards to what the current market situation is. It would be ideal for KeepTruckin to offer higher brackets to attract the best talent from in and around the city.

This story will continue to develop as further information is received. Let us know your thoughts on KeepTruckin potentially making an entry in Lahore in the comments section below or on the official Facebook page.