How to Make Money on YouTube

There are tons of articles out there which promote the idea of being able to make thousands of dollars sitting at home, but leave out the hard part in the headings. While it is possible to make money from YouTube, how to make on YouTube is still a question which people have trouble finding the answer to.

When YouTube was starting off fresh, people really didn’t think that it would take off and become a necessity like it is today. After Google took over YouTube for $1.65 billion, the video sharing service boomed through the roof.

Today, thousands of people try their luck on YouTube and honestly, not everyone is meant to be a part of YouTube’s most successful stars list. It takes a whole lot of effort, luck and strategizing (especially if you’re starting off fresh today). Regardless, it is still a great time to get into the YouTube money making game and you too can try your luck and learn the secrets of how to make money on YouTube.

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Setting Up and Kicking Off

How to Make Money on YouTube

You could read all the articles out there that share the secrets to making money on YouTube. The more you read, the more confusing it can get at times.

Nothing will happen if you don’t start and the best time to start is now!

So, head over to, make an account and start customizing it. Make it look the best you possibly can and just be yourself. Remember, nothing fake ever works because people can sense it within seconds.

Make sure you have your priorities straight and a plan in mind. What kind of channel do you want to make on YouTube? What sort of content do you plan on sharing with the world? 300 hours of video is uploaded onto YouTube every minute and almost 5 billion YouTube videos are watched every, single day! How mind boggling is that?

With those statistics in mind, you have to keep in mind why someone would want to take out their time to come and watch your video. What sort of value does your content bring and did you put enough time in?

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Monetizing and Adsense…What is That?

How to Make Money on YouTube

When you begin making videos and uploading them to YouTube, you’re not going to be making money magically out of thin air. There’s a process to it and some formalities you will have to consider and remember.

Now, in order to be approved for monetization of your videos by YouTube, all of your videos need to have a collective 10,000 views as a minimum. Anything under that number will result in your account not being approved or just delayed till you reach the 10,000 figure.

Apply for monetizing your YouTube channel, which can be done at any time here.

This is the official statement on the above matter by YouTube:

“You can apply for monetization at any time. To be approved, all channels need at least 10,000 views. This requirement allows us to properly evaluate new channels and helps protect creator content.”

Next comes the time to setup Google Adsense. It might all seem confusing at first, but try to spend some time learning what all of these Google services are. After getting approval from YouTube monetization, the point of setting up Google Adsense is to create a payment gateway to see the money you’ve made and collect it. It’s basically the Google bank and shows you all of your analytics and data (including amount generated) from various channels.

Google Adsense is not exclusive to just making money from YouTube. It also deals with paying people for displaying ads by Google on their websites, blogs and mobile apps. It’s definitely a necessity and required for you to receive your money.

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Upload, Upload, Upload!

How to Make Money on YouTube

Google loves content and content is and always will be king. Don’t upload a single video and expect it to be a hit overnight (which is also possible nowadays). Instead, focus on uploading tons of quality content. Whatever you do, upload it!

People are making money from doing the craziest things to teaching courses online and even how-to videos on simple topics which most people are looking to understand. There are limitless opportunities and hesitation will only set you back.

Try out whatever comes to mind and see what clicks. Not everything will be a hit, but keep the content coming in fresh is what you really need to stay focused on. Make sure you also share on your own social media channels around Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Promote your content anywhere you can and make sure you don’t worry about spending money on doing it because 99% of sharing is free as long as you play it smart.

Soon, you will start developing an audience of your own niche. Keep your channel updated and you’ll continue to rise in the YouTube rankings. As soon as you leave it dormant, YouTube will reconsider your priority and so will the people who started following you. Don’t give anyone a chance to skip by your channel!

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How To Make Money on YouTube and How Others Are Doing It

How to Make Money on YouTube

Making money on YouTube isn’t rocket science, but it should not be taken lightly either. If you are serious about making money on YouTube than you will have to prove it.

The YouTubers making money right now have been at it for a while now. Some for years while others found overnight fame. Everyone shines in a different way, so don’t worry if you can find yours in the start.

From YouTube

How to Make Money on YouTube

The easiest and most basic way is making money from YouTube itself. Getting tons of views will get ads running on your videos, resulting in money for you on a specific number of views. Now the figure is always changing and nowadays it has been quoted to be around $5-7 for 1000 advertisement views.

If you’re getting tens of thousands or even millions of views, that’s a pretty good amount for anyone. A million views on YouTube would get you a cool $5000!

YouTube recently announced another way YouTubers could earn money from their loyal fan following.

Super Chat is now running and allows YouTubers to earn from fans while embarking on a live stream. Fans can pay a specific amount to get noticed and converse with the YouTuber that they are so loyally following.

Since YouTubers basically become celebrities after a while of getting millions of views, there are loads of people out there who are ready to pay to get that special treatment.

By the way, YouTube wasn’t the first service to introduce something like this. There are a number of other similar apps and websites, but that’s a different story.

From Sponsors

How to Make Money on YouTube

When your audience grows and the subscriber list on your YouTube channel follows, you will start getting noticed by sponsors, too.

Don’t you ever notice why those girls in makeup tutorials read out the name of the products they use quite loudly and clearly? Well, most of the products are sponsored and sponsors require that the products they hand out for mentioned properly. From products to money and much more, sponsors are willing to do a lot to get their names out there into your audience.

They do this because sponsors know that people listen to their favorite influencer. YouTubers have quite the influential power and mentioning a specific brand over another could mean a major sales boost for that company.

This method of making money on YouTube takes time to develop and again, quality of content is very important here.

The question now shouldn’t be how to make money on YouTube. Rather, you should be setting up your YouTube account and uploading some content now.

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There isn’t any magical way of making thousands. It takes effort, time and patience to reach the YouTube hall of fame. Just check out how long some of your favorite YouTubers have been making videos. I’m sure you will be surprised to see how far they have come from starting off with nothing.

What do you think about making money on YouTube? How has your experience been and what could you advise to others? Let us know in the comments section below or on the official TechBizWeb Facebook page!

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