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After Microsoft took over LinkedIn, Google was not planning to stay behind for too long. Google Hire is vetted to be the next big thing and will put up a tough fight against leading professional networking website, LinkedIn. Also, just to clear the air, Google Hire will not allow potential or even current employers to access your web browsing history. Unless you want to.

Rumors have been afloat for days now that Google could potentially give up your browsing history to snoopy employers. Wouldn’t that be just great, huh? For millions of people who depend on an online presence to connect with colleagues, potential and current employers, having such a breach of privacy would be devastating.

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No to Browsing History Sharing

Google Hire
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I don’t think there is a single person out there who would be comfortable having all their browsing history shared with unknown individuals. I know I certainly wouldn’t want to. The argument against this would be, do you have something to hide? Well, that doesn’t make it ok for anyone to be looking around where they shouldn’t be. Browsing history contains personal information and preferences people have a right to maintaining as private information.

Various sources have come up with a solid backing by Google on this, which is that only the information chosen to be shared, will be.

“[Google Hire] will allow employers to collect candidate applications online,” the spokesperson clarified. “Only information that a candidate voluntarily provides would be passed to a prospective employer as part of their online application,” a Google representative told TechRadar.

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How Hard will Google Hire Hit LinkedIn?

Google Hire
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LinkedIn has its ups and downs, but is still the preferred network for professionals. At times, it seems as if the LinkedIn team has just given up on moderation and quality checking. Facebook even does a better job now at making sure people are not messing around, but LinkedIn certainly is by far atop of the corporate game now.

Let’s be honest, people wouldn’t mind exploring a LinkedIn alternative. That too if it was made by Google. Google Hire may just cause the fall of LinkedIn or may just die out and become a secondary or third ranked social network, like Google Plus.

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How Are Companies Responding to Google Hire

Google Hire
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Some of the top tech companies are rumoured to be testing out Google Hire. How far it is able to go? Only time will tell that. You can even go ahead and logon to Google Hire right now and begin checking it out.

The layout seems to be pretty smooth and crisp, just like almost all of Google products. Google Hire is not entirely unique, but it comes at a pretty good time. Facebook has been in the news more than once in the recent months for testing out its own corporate version of the largest social network. But no one really knows when that might come out or even if people really want a second Facebook to meet their business needs. Maybe Facebook should just stick to funny videos and cat pictures for now.

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When is Google Hire Going to Launch?

Google Hire
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Right now, no body has a clue about when Google Hire will officially be launching. Knowing Google, it could take forever or it could be spontaneous. At TechBizWeb, we’re expecting the Google Hire launch to definitely be within 2017. That is, if Google has any plans on making it a success.

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