The Samsung Note 7 will always be remembered in history as the device which turned smartphones against their users. There may be many more such devices to come in the future, not only from Samsung – but as smartphone makers rush to increase their outreach, things will go wrong.

Putting the entire Note 7 exploding fiasco in simple terms, Samsung did not do enough quality assurance checks before actually releasing the device. The smartphone giant wanted to get it out ahead of Apple’s iPhone 7 release, but messed up pretty bad. This ultimately ended up in Samsung having to kill off the iconic Note series altogether.

From rolling out exchange and refund programs for buyers of the Galaxy Note 7, to issuing dates for disabling existing devices – Samsung has done it all to prevent any further loss of property and risk to life.

Will Samsung Recover from the Damage?

Issuing a full pager apology was one way of trying clear the smoke. It may or may not have worked, but only time will tell what really happens to the Korean smartphone manufacturer. Unfortunately for Samsung, losses from the Note 7 explode-gate were massive and other smartphone companies reaped the profits.

Apple was one of the names on the list of companies to see a major boost, despite having taken out an essential part out of their smartphone. The move to remove the 3.5 mm headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were certainly a risky move – which the Note 7 mishap managed to save as well from landing Apple in trouble with users.

Samsung Note 7 Explosion
LG still has a long way to go

Still Doing Better than LG, HTC and OnePlus

Amazingly, according to Apteligent, there are still more Note 7 users across the United States than there are of the LG V20, OnePlus 3T and HTC Bolt. This is pretty surprising and embarrassing for Samsung’s competitors, especially since 93 percent of Note 7’s have been successfully recalled up until now.

This goes to show that Samsung still does have a loyal place in the market and users continue to prefer Galaxy devices to many of the others available.

What Could Have Samsung Done Better?

Samsung, with reports now coming out of the manufacturer knowing the reason behind this all, should have dealt with quality assurance in a very serious matter. Not only were the lives of millions of people across the world at risk with the Note 7, it disappointed many who were loyal to the Korean brand.

This is what Apple loyalists really boast about when defending the iPhone. Quality. Whatever happens, the iPhone and iOS are highly reliable and rarely fail on consumers. There are a few problems Apple is facing with the 6 Plus and 6S nowadays too, but that is a different story altogether. No matter what, at least the phone is not exploding and causing flights to be evacuated or cars to ignite up in flames.

Samsung Note 7 Explosion
How Will Samsung Fair with Users Now?

This cold shoulder by American consumers to other Android supporting companies may allow Samsung to continue reigning in that segment, but for how long? If such mishaps become common for future devices, there may be case studies done in business schools on how Blackberry, Nokia and Samsung were too big to fail but died a slow and painful death.

Has the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding caused you to also abandon the brand or have you stuck around? How do you see Samsung doing in the coming years? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.


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