There is a whole lot of mystery surrounding what Farayday Future is and whether there’s any relation to this with Elon Musk’s Tesla. The name ‘Farayday Future’ sounds quite mysterious and knowing Elon Musk, you can expect something surprising every now and then.

Well, consider it good or bad news, the company is actually a possible contender to Tesla. Yes, that’s right. Faraday Future is a startup company on its own and not a Tesla backed venture. It may even put up a tough fight for other electric and conventional car companies in the near future.

A 1,000 Horsepower Electric Car?

Farayday Future made a huge revelation at the CES 2016 in Las Vegas. The electric car company had been in the news for weeks now and kept people on the edge with a teaser about what’s to come. It finally became clearer when the California-based startup revealed a 1,000 horsepower electric concept car that goes by the name of ‘FFZERO1’.

The car certainly did wow the crowd and skeptics everywhere, but news is that there isn’t any official launch date planned. At the moment, it is still and will remain a concept for the foreseeable future.

Tesla, one of the better known electric car companies, has been in the game for years now. The launch of the Tesla Model S and Model 3 have been quite successful for Elon Musk and his team. Spectators were hoping that Faraday Future would announce a car to compete with Tesla, but were given hope by the company of something big to come soon in the market.

Some of The Best Working for Farayday Future

Farayday Future now has over 700 personnel working and most of them come with years of experience from companies such as Google, Apple, BMW, Audi and Tesla itself. This does give birth to a ton of excitement as rumors grow on what this dream team will eventually come to achieve. The number of Farayday Future’s employees has risen considerably in only a year’s time from 450 in 2015 to 750 now.

Another interesting aspect to keep in mind about Farayday Future is that there is the backing of Chinese investors. Any future development may be supported by Chinese manufacturers, which could put Tesla in a tough position in terms of pricing and availability. Tesla hasn’t always been good in that regard, but 2017 is seriously going to be a fun time for electric cars and getting them into the mainstream market.

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Photo Credit: Alex Butterfield