Axact offices around Pakistan were raided and forced into closing after a New York Times article, through the help of former employees, exposed the massive corruption and scandal going on behind the name of “The World’s Leading IT Company”.

For 15 months, Axact offices in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi were sealed. It was learned through ongoing corruption cases in court that billions of rupees had been amassed and looted through the selling of fake degrees. These degrees were printed, stamped and distributed all in-house with names of fake universities which had only a website and Facebook page to back their claims.

After talking to several employees who worked at the Axact office in Lahore, they are still seeking retribution for the months of joblessness and the money which Axact owes them prior to the raids. Some of these employees have even tried going to Karachi and Islamabad to get their messages conveyed, but for the last nine months and counting, the only answer is “the process is ongoing”.

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Which Process Lasts Nearly a Year?


From being the “World’s Largest IT Company”, to not having anything to do with IT at all, there is little doubt in the minds of people now that Axact was just a horrendous example of what greed can do to a person. The former employees of Axact which belonged to Lahore, were in many ways helpless. Firstly, Axact was unable to continue operating in Lahore and did not reopen their offices after being allowed to. The only offices of Axact which are currently operating are in Islamabad and Karachi.

What happens than to all of the employees from Lahore?

These former employees were given a couple of options. Either rejoin Axact in Karachi or Islamabad, or resign and wait for that “process” to complete and get your salaries. All of them chose to resign and expected to be paid within a couple of weeks or a month at most, but almost a year later, they stand where they began.

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Axact CEO Shoaib Shiekh Could Care Less


After having promised “pehle say bhi ziada” (more than before) in a press release following the reopening Axact offices, dozens of these former employees are either still jobless, facing extreme mental pressure and torture for having been part of the organization or just plain waiting for their money. A few months of salaries and a provident fund which Axact is still “processing” for the last nine months while funneling money to BOL by giving away millions in rewards, introducing a swimming pool and yacht at their Karachi office and God knows what else.

It seems as if those who continued to stay on board and believed in the mission of widespread, fake education have been treated well. But a visit to the Axact office in Islamabad paints a different story. The Axact office in Islamabad is gloomy, in an area where buildings are mostly vacant and employees feel instant terror upon seeing a government/police vehicle enter the premises. I have yet to meet a current or former Axact employee who actually denies that they committed massive and unprecedented fraud by selling fake degrees across the Middle East, North and South America.

“The things that we did there were unimaginable. We sold to unwitting clients in the US, Middle East and South America. We even extorted people to continue paying for years on end or else we would expose their degree being fake”, said one former Axact employee from Lahore who wished to remain anonymous in hope of receiving the money which the company owes him.

“It seems that there is only pehlay say bhi ziada fraud and nothing else”, he continued.

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Where Do These Former Axact Employees Go Now?


Well, most are hesitant to even mention the name of Axact on their resumes or LinkedIn profiles for the fear of being persecuted by not being considered for jobs. Despite years of having been with Axact, they would rather show a gap in their profile rather than mention the name altogether.

Others have moved on and are working in other organization, but for them, Axact will always remain a company where they committed unspeakable acts and saw the results of their misdeeds. It will be a lesson learned the hard way, but they are even more surprised to see that the government let Axact off the hook so easily. For them, it had to be the result of a deal under the covers. How else could major fraud of monumental levels be allowed to reopen and operate once again in the main cities of Pakistan?

That, will forever be a question we all hope to hear the answer to one day.

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