Samsung Reveals Reason for Note 7 Explosion

Shareholders and mobile phone fanatics everywhere had been waiting for a detailed explanation regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion fiasco. On Monday, Samsung revealed what caused the Note 7 to heat up and even in some cases, explode. We had expected January 23rd to...

Elon Musk and His Boring Idea to Rid Traffic

Elon Musk Boring Idea TechBizWeb
Elon Musk is an interesting man to follow on the news and social media. He has come up with some of the most innovative ideas to date and some of them have even materialized into highly viable solutions to today’s challenges. What many are...

Careem, Uber Declared Illegal by Punjab Government

Looks like rumors about the Government of Punjab, Pakistan, planning to take action against services by Careem and Uber turned out to be true. Early Tuesday morning, the Punjab Government issued an order against Careem, Uber and A-One taxi services, declaring them illegal and... Security Breached with Possibility of Leaked User Data TechBizWeb
Pakistan’s leading website for car sellers, buys and enthusiasts,, faced a breach of security on their forums. This breach was identified by the website after due process and may have resulted in the compromise of user data. An email was rolled out to users...

Could Fake News Mean the End of Mark Zuckerberg as Facebook CEO?

Mark Zuckerberg
It might be surprising for over a billion people who regularly use Facebook, to hear the dismissal of CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. As strange as it may sound, the news of Facebook shareholders seriously considering the idea may just mean exactly that for the social...

No More “Adult Entertainment” on Backpage after Government Pressure

Backpage posting
If you were one of the people who were avid in searching for “Adult Entertainment” on Backpage in the United States, well we have some bad news for you. One of the world’s largest classified ad websites, is no longer featuring adult services anymore...

AT&T 5G Launch Could Kill BroadBand Altogether in 2020

AT&T customers in the United States should start getting pretty excited because 5G is not too distant of a dream anymore. Speeds of over 400 Mbps on mobile devices and smartphones could be a reality as soon as 2020. For residents of Austin, Texas...

Axact in Trouble Again as Top Executive Charged in $140 Million Fake Degree Scheme

Axact Top Official Charged in US
Just weeks after the self-proclaimed “World’s Largest IT Company” was allowed to resume operations, a top-level executive has been charged in the United States. This could bring about trouble for Axact again as the company, which was accused of running a multi-million-dollar fake degree...

Samsung Mobile to Announce Exploding Note 7 Probe Results Jan 23

Samsung Mobile
Following up on our previous story, Samsung mobile is getting ready to release details of a much anticipated probe. The investigation was a thorough look into what went wrong with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and according to an insider, January 23 is the...

Whatsapp Messenger Not as Safe as it Seems or is it?

Whatsapp Messenger
This weekend has been marred by reports of Whatsapp messenger not being as safe as it claims. The Guardian ran a report that there is a way of getting into through the backdoor to monitor and read conversations. This is despite a guarantee by...

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