Let’s face it, no matter how far the online shopping world has progressed in Pakistan, there is still room for improvement. Not only that, but online shopping in Pakistan has really gotten to the point where there is a whole lot of variety but mistrust still prevails.

Online shopping retailers in Pakistan aren’t doing much to make that better either. But, from some personal experience, I can share some of those portals which really are worth buying from. The biggest concern when doing some online shopping is getting the value for your money. There are numerous websites out there that promote offers which are too good to be true and in most cases, they are.

Beware of those websites which are unheard of and try to go for the ones which have been around for a while. Let’s see the 5 best online shopping websites, especially for tech which I have had the chance to purchase from:

#1 – iShopping.pk – Best Tech Online Shopping

Online Shopping Pakistan

The guys at iShopping are doing a great job. They offer an excellent variety of products, especially tech and give realistic delivery dates. The prices are reasonable and highly competitive. The best aspect of iShopping is the customer service that they provide.

Not only are the sales guys honest about product availability, but are willing to go out of the way to get the job done. I have purchased a wide array of expensive products from them and was very satisfied for sure.

Website: iShopping.pk

Contact Details: 


  • Office 202, 2nd Floor, Continental Trade Centre (CTC), Near Teen Talwar, Block 8, Clifton. Karachi – 74200 Pakistan.

  • 021-35866667, 8, 9
    UAN No : +92 (0)3 111 222 202

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#2 – HomeShopping.pk

Online Shopping Pakistan

HomeShopping.pk has been around for quite a while. They are one of the oldest online shopping portals in Pakistan for smartphones and laptops and certainly do provide a decent range of products. They do have a price beating policy, which they are not always able to match. So don’t really rely on that too much.

Along with that, they are good when it comes to delivery times and product availability. Another source of their trust is having a customer service outlet in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. This is really useful if you do Cash on Delivery (COD) and wish to check out your order before paying and pickup only when satisfied.

Website: HomeShopping.pk
Contact Details: 

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#3 – allmytech.pk – Best for Accessories

Online Shopping Pakistan

iShopping.pk has a great range of smartphone accessories as well, but most of their products are subject to import. This means that it may take longer than usual to deliver and may go up to weeks at a time. Allmytech on the other hand is excellent for that. They may not have a huge variety of accessories, but truly due provide genuinely good products on time and in the best condition possible.

The limited variety is selected to be great in quality and not the cheap quality products most website promote. Whether it is getting a charger for your smartphone or phone covers, allmytech is the name to go with for online shopping in Pakistan.

Website: allmytech.pk
Contact Details: 
+92-21-35851832 | +92-321-2134152

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#4 – myshop online

If you are willing to pay a higher than normal price but looking for guaranteed quality, myshop online is the way to go with. They have been around for years and are famously located in Lahore’s Century Tower at Kalma Chowk.

There may be an issue at times with product availability as well, but whatever product you do get from myshop, it will be in excellent and guaranteed condition. I prefer getting my laptops from these guys or any other high value purchases where quality cannot be compromised.

Website: myshop.pk
Contact Details:

+92 42 111-MYSHOP (111-697-467)

UGF 7, Century Tower, Kalma Chowk,
Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan

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#5 – Daraz.pk

Online Shopping Pakistan

Not the best place for a large variety of smartphones and tech items, but still reliable. Daraz.pk is focused on being a retailer for many items and not only tech like the above mentioned websites. This may mean that they have items of low and decent quality, but it isn’t always easy to tell. If you cannot find a certain product anywhere else besides Daraz.pk, then it may be a safe bet.

Daraz.pk is the largest online retailer in Pakistan, but again, not primarily for tech related online shopping.

Website: Daraz.pk
Contact Details:
(+92) 21 111-132-729

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There are a number of retailers online in Pakistan now. Some have been around for a while and have developed a trusted brand name. Many are still new and have even promoted sales and items which they cannot provide. The quality is also a major question mark for many websites out there. The ones we talked about are well-known and can be trusted when purchasing from. They have become even better than physical outlets now due to the variety and competition.

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Make sure you pay only for what you’re getting. Take your time to see the other retailers and compare to get the most value for your money.

Let me and the rest of TechBizWeb readers know what your experiences are regarding online shopping in Pakistan in the comments section below. You can also checkout our Facebook page for more.