High Capacity 5G Chipsets in Q3 2018

5G is the future and countries across the globe are racing to be the first to carry forward the flame of national coverage. From pushing new technology advancements like self-driving cars and virtual reality, 5G networks are believed to be the key in taking the world one step ahead. Nokia wants to be the driving force behind that and surprisingly, it’s the first to be readying to ship out high capacity 5G chipsets as early as Q3, 2018.

Reuters reported that the Finnish mobile company has set its eyes on the prize. Not being able to maintain its dominance in smartphone manufacturing, the company is moving strongly towards being a leader in mobile network technology. It is just behind China’ Huawei in that sector, but is looking forward to putting up a tough fight by being a pioneer in 5G advancement.

President of the United States, Donald Trump, is supposedly in the midst of finalizing a plan to launch a ‘national’ 5G network in the country. This would allow the government to have complete control over the 5G infrastructure, could provide national coverage faster and in a much cheaper budget than would be required when dealing with multiple carriers. ‘Safety and security’ have been labelled as the prime factors behind such considerations, with China being the biggest threat to American cyber security.

“Built into a single cell tower, Nokia chipsets could handle 100 times the combined mobile and wi-fi data consumed by stadium fans at last year’s Super Bowl football championship,” Nokia Mobile Networks marketing chief Phil Twist told Reuters.

“Beside tripling data handling capacity, the company also said its new chips can cut in half the size of antennas in cell towers, while cutting their power consumption by two-thirds,” the report continued.

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The last NFL Super Bowl was a testament to how much data can be consumed in today’s day and age. It was reported by US mobile operators and network equipment companies that almost 40 terabits of data were consumer on that day alone throughout the country. That amount is staggering and all US carriers know that if they fail to get to 5G first, it may just end up killing them off entirely.

Nokia’s new high capacity 5G chipsets are expected to have a capacity of 84 gigabits per second. The high capacity 5G chipsets are said to be labelled as ‘ReefShark’ at the moment and will triple the capacity from the current 28 gigabits per second.

With this sort of technology in place, a single tower would be able to handle 6 terabits per second if the Nokia high capacity 5G chipsets work as intended. Not only would speed be enhanced greatly, so would the need for longer and bigger antennas along with cutting power consumption by over 60%.

Currently, the United States, Japan and South Korea are leading the race in building and having public 5G networks running. These 5G networks are expected to take off by the end of 2018 or mid 2019 in most places. China is also working to take off in the 5G spectrum, but may not be able to do so before others due to the sheer size of the network coverage required.

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