Firefox Quantum Update
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Browsing the internet has become pretty dodgy business now. With privacy concerns greater than ever before, browsers themselves are playing a big role in assuring users that their sensitive and personal information is safe at all times. That’s what makes the Firefox Quantum update so worth knowing about.

For the first time in the history of widely used browsers, you will now have the ability to keep privacy protection on 24/7 while browsing from any device. As long as you have the latest Firefox Quantum update which includes ‘Always-on Protection’, you can rest assured that you are not being tracked all the time by ad companies and others.

“Since January 28 is International Data Privacy Day, it’s a good time to talk about one of Firefox Quantum’s most powerful features — Opt-in Tracking Protection.

To jog your memory, we launched Tracking Protection in Private Browsing mode two years ago, which was unheard of at the time. Users could freely browse in Private Browsing mode without worrying about being tracked and getting inundated with ads.

Since then we’ve studied Tracking Protection and found that, in addition to protecting their privacy, users actually have a better, faster experience with the web when pages load without trackers. That is why in November we upped the ante in Firefox Quantum and began offering our users the option to turn on Tracking Protection all the time. 24-7,” said the official post about the Firefox Quantum update.

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The Firefox Quantum update is also known as Firefox 58. It is available on all desktop browsers of Firefox, on iOS and Android as well. While 24/7 tracking protection is the most significant part of this upgrade, there are a couple of more worth mentioning.

Firefox also notes that “speed was one of the many benefits” of keeping tracking protection on all the time. According to the post, Firefox Quantum is now reported to be running at 40 FPS with the tracking enabled, instead of the 31 FPS it was running at before the update.

Improved bookmarking and Progress Web Apps (PWA) Support have also been included in the update for Firefox on Android smartphones.

How to Turn On 24/7 Tracking Protection with Firefox Quantum Update?

In order to enable the ‘Always-On Privacy Protection” when using your Firefox browser, all you need to do is open Preferences. Click on Privacy & Security and scroll down to Tracking Protection.

When you get to this part, you now have three options to choose from. Always, Only in Private Windows and Never. Go ahead and choose the one which suits you best. Firefox recommends keeping it on ‘Always’ for maximum performance and protection.

Firefox Quantum Update
Source: Firefox

The ability to keep tracking protection on your Android or Apple smartphones and other devices will using Firefox is also possible. To do it on iOS, you do need to be upgraded to the latest version of iOS 11 to have this feature enabled on it.

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What do you think about Always-On Protection on Firefox browsers? Will it actually keep us as safe as possible like Firefox claims it to do? Let us know in the comments section below.