India Good Morning Messages

Imagine a country of over 1 billion people waking up and sending ‘Good Morning’ messages to each other over one specific app. That’s what is going on in India and it has gotten to the extent of people running out of space on their smartphones and dealing with devices that freeze. Storage is a problem and the habit of communicating everything over WhatsApp has become an epidemic in India.

While apps like WhatsApp allow us to freely share everything from pictures to videos and all sorts of files to anyone using it on our contact list, hundreds of millions of Indians don’t really have the storage space to cope with it all. A report by Wall Street Journal recently dug deep into this issue and it’s interesting to see just how amazing all that compiled data is.

A record of 20 billion messages were sent in India on New Year’s Eve. That’s more than any country has sent out in a single day. ‘Good Morning’ messages aren’t far behind. Unlike many other countries, WhatsApp in India and many parts of South Asia, has become the primary app of communicating everything. From sharing your daily updates to complete coverage of a wedding or birthday party, it’s all done through WhatsApp.

This means sending and receiving several ‘Good Morning’ images and videos on a daily basis for a single user. And when you have over a billion people in India alone, that adds up to a ton of data sharing and space being taken up.

Data storage firm, Western Digital Corp also released some information which further strengthened the notion. 1 in 10 smartphones runt out of space on a daily basis in the United States. In India, that number is 1 in every 3 smartphones. That’s too little of space compared to the number of messages being sent and received and not much availability of it.

While 32GB-plus storage space is common in most smartphones now, India still has a large population of people which is currently using devices with a lot less. Smartphones with as little as 4GB are highly popular in the country and that can fill up pretty fast.

Google And Good Morning Messages

This is where Google comes in. December of 2017 was the month during which Google released a new storage management app for Android smartphones called ‘Files Go’. Google researchers all the way at the other end of the world began wondering why so many smartphones in India were habitually freezing.

Months of data analysis and comparisons allowed them to come to the conclusion of Good Morning Messages being the culprit behind all of this commotion.

“We were trying to deconstruct what is the DNA of a good morning message for months,” said Josh Woodward, the Google product manager of Files Go. “It has been a lot of hard work to get it right.”

For someone who has experienced the South Asian culture first hand, I can assure you that people in this part of the world love sending out images and messages for every time of the day. Not only are these Good Morning Messages limited to the morning, but they’re a metaphor for sharing everything at all times of the day. WhatsApp has become the Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat for South Asia.

Files Go has been downloaded more than 10 million times. Most of these downloads came from India, which is where Google unveiled the app.

Best part is that the app has a feature to delete all of the Good Morning Messages with a single tap on the screen. It’s the miracle everyone has been waiting for.

“We’ve been testing Files Go for a month, and the average user is saving 1GB of space and has shared many files with others without using data. Starting today, we’re opening up Files Go globally on the Google Play Store for all phones running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and higher. Free up more space and share files faster—give Files Go a try,” mentions the Google post about Files Go.

Looks like millions of Indians will be able to continue sharing everything about their daily lives on WhatsApp and not run out of space anymore thanks to Files Go.